Ugly attack on star football player Rashford

Rashford was cited as responsible for England’s loss to Italy in the final match. Ugly attack on English football player Rashford.

Marcus Rashford responded to the racist attackers: “I will never apologize for my identity,” he said.

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Racist attack on Marcus Rashford

Serious racist attacks are being made on the players of England, who lost the trophy to Italy on penalties. On the orders of British President Boris Johnson, the police took action. The ugliest attack was on Rasfhord. On the photo of the star actor, excrement was pasted, abusive words were written and a monkey was drawn. Rashford was also subjected to serious racist attacks in England throughout the season.

They did every ugliness to say ‘No more’! There were nauseating attacks on star football player Rashford.

In the EURO 2020 final played in Wembley, the racist attacks against the star names who missed the shots in England, which lost to Italy after the penalty shootout, were on the agenda. Reactions to racist messages are pouring in after the heinous attack.

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The final, with 90 minutes and overtime ended 1-1, went to penalties, while Kane and Maguire’s penalties in England resulted in goals, while Rashford, Sancho and Saka could not benefit from the penalty. At the end of penalties, Italy defeated England 3-2 and became the owner of the cup.

Brits Compare Rashford to Monkeys

Racist attacks were made on social media against star players Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka who missed penalties. Messages and racist emojis were sent to Saka on social media such as “Go back to Nigeria, go from here”

The British Police Service said in a statement regarding the racist attacks suffered by black players Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka who missed penalties, “We are aware of a series of offensive and racist social media posts against football players after the EURO 2020 final. This harassment is absolutely unacceptable, nice. will not be seen and will be investigated.” used the phrase.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted: “The UK team deserves to be praised as heroes, not racially abused on social media. Those responsible for these horrific attacks should be ashamed of themselves.” shared.

An hour after the match, racist and abusive excrement was pasted on Marcus Rashford’s picture. After England were eliminated, many people including Prince William and Prime Minister Boris Johnson reacted harshly to those who made racist posts after Marcus Rashford and other black football players were exposed to racism.

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Marcus Rashford Will Never Forgive Attacks Against Himself

Marcus Rashford, who missed one of the penalty shootouts in the final they lost to Italy in EURO 2020, said that he would never apologize for his identity by reacting to racist attacks on social media.

Manchester United star Rashford, one of the disappointing names in England, who lost on penalties in the final of EURO 2020 in Wembley, responded to the racist attacks he was exposed to on his Twitter account.

Young star Rasford was one of the names who missed a historical opportunity by losing to Italy as a result of penalty shootout in the match whose normal time and overtime ended 1-1. Rasford, who became the target of criticism after the giant match in London, used the following statements one day after the match: “I felt like I had let all my teammates down. I’m so sorry for this. After my performance in the match, I have no problem with the criticism that goes on all day. My penalty kick wasn’t good enough, I could have done better, I admit. But I will never apologize for my origin and identity.”

Stating that he is proud to wear the jersey of the England National Team, the 23-year-old football player said, “I know that tens of thousands of English fans are happy to wear this jersey, as well as my family who support me.”

On the other hand, in Manchester, England, a wall with a photo of the English football player was physically attacked by English fans. The British police announced that they have opened an investigation into the incident.

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