Two female athletes banned from Tokyo Olympics due to high testosterone levels

Two female athletes were banned from the Tokyo Olympics due to their high testosterone levels. The news that was called a scandal at the Tokyo Olympics soon became the agenda of the world.

New scandal in Tokyo! The statement that two female athletes were banned because of high testosterone levels drew backlash.

Two women banned from 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Two female athletes banned from tokyo olympics due to high testosterone levels 1 gmspors

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi, two Namibian athletes, were banned from the women’s 400 meters. World Athletics, from the African press, wrote that its athletes were banned for having high testosterone levels.

Mbomba and Masilingi have been banned from the Tokyo Olympics. According to the news of Bonews; He was commissioned because two athletes had high testosterone levels.

Athletes have to use testosterone-lowering drugs to take part in races. It was stated that the level of these two athletes was high and they were prevented from taking part in the races for this reason.

Two female athletes banned from tokyo olympics due to high testosterone levels 2 gmspors

The duo of Mboma and Masilingi took the athletics world by storm this year by putting on some world-class performances on the 400m European track. 18-year-old Mboma won the 400m race on Wednesday with a stunning 48.54 seconds, making him the seventh fastest athlete in history.

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