Two Dwarfs in Russia Fight in Young Tiktok, Hasbulla Magomedov TikTok

They made the dwarf youths fight! The images that raised the social media brought great criticism to the video in tiktok.

The Russian Athletic Association for diminutive people has voiced their dismay toward the web-based media interest in a possible battle between online media star, Hasbullah Magomedov and Abdu Rozik — naming the expected battle as “deceptive”.

The likely battle, which is required to be coordinated by proficient blended military craftsman, Asxab Tameav, is presently yet to be made sure about, nonetheless, film of a go head to head among Magomedov and Rozik coursed through online media throughout the last number of days, acquiring sizeable openness.

Two Dwarves in Russia Fight in Young Tiktok 2

Dwarf youths fought in Russia’s Dagestan Republic

A fighting match was held between two dwarf youths in Russia. The TikTok phenomenon 18-year-old Hasbulla ‘Hasbik’ Magomedov and 19-year-old Tajikistan singer Abduroziq raised the Russian Little People Sports Association. The association reacted strongly to the event, “This is not a sport, it is a show to make people laugh.” he reacted greatly to the incident.

A martial contest was held between the 18-year-old 91 cm tall TikTok phenomenon Hasbulla ‘Hasbik’ Magomedov, who lives in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia, and the singer Abduroziq, 92 cm in Tajikistan.

The fight race, which was introduced as the ‘most exciting battle of the year’ organized among dwarf youth, caused a great reaction on social media. Critics pointed out that everything was completely wrong and unethical.

Two Dwarves in Russia Fight in Young Tiktok 1

The TikTok phenomenon Hasbulla ‘Hasbik’ Magomedov is only 91 cm tall and 18 kilos. The person who was brought before him as his opponent was Abduroziq, a famous singer in his country, 92 cm tall and weighing only 17 kg.

Abduriziq, one of the dwarves whose pre-fight moments are reflected on the cameras, threatened the TikTok phenomenon, “If you throw a finger at me, they will take his body. It is also seen that he said.

It was learned that the mixed martial arts fight was organized by 19-year-old Chechen blogger Ashab Tamayev. The scandalous competition ended on May 18th, but it is unclear who won this competition.

Big Criticism to Tiktok Video

However, the Russian Small People Sports Association described the fight between the two fighters with a total weight of 35 kg as “unethical”.

Association president Ulyana Podpalnaya said: “This is not like a show fight. They charge a lot and this is a show to make people laugh. There is nothing serious about it, this is not a sport. “This is wrong and unethical for me.”

“Martial arts can be appropriate as a Paralympic sport for little people,” said the president of the association, “Judo, karete competitions can be organized, these are serious sports. However, this show is a complete ‘freak show’. Such an event does not draw attention to dwarf sports. “He reacted by using expressions.