Twitter Users Can Now Tip With Bitcoin

Social media platform Twitter has launched the tip payment feature with Bitcoin.

Twitter users around the world can now send tips via the platform. These tips can be sent with Bitcoin.

It has been discussed for a long time whether the tip feature will be made available on Twitter. According to the company’s statement, iOS users can now use the tip box feature with applications such as Cash App.

Users will have the right to send fiat money to each other. It will also be possible to send tips with bitcoin over the Lightning Network. The reason for using Lightning Network is to provide higher speed and lower fees.

Twitter tip gmspors

New feature from Twitter: Tip with Bitcoin

Social media platform Twitter will allow people to tip their favorite creators with Bitcoin, and will launch a fund to pay some users hosting voice chat rooms in the Spaces feature.

Twitter users on iOS devices worldwide can send and receive digital payments, which was previously limited to a small group of testers.

From now on, Twitter will also be able to authenticate with NFTs. Twitter shared on its official account, “We tested the tips feature, people love money. We are releasing it for iOS and Android soon.”

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