Twitter Encourages Users to Create Content with Spaces

Twitter Users Encourage Millions of Users to Create Content with Spaces.Twitter introduced the Spaces live voice chat application for times when 280 characters were not enough. The work carried out by the company for this new application and many other features was shared.

The social media network Twitter, which has not lost its popularity since the day it was founded, responds to the requirements of the age with new features it offers every day.

Launched earlier this year, Spaces is a new way to have live voice chats. With this feature, Twitter offers the opportunity to chat with two people in groups or with each other in rooms opened under a topic such as Cluphouse, which became widespread in the same period. Twitter has recently been focusing on making this feature easier to discover and listen to, making it even more popular.

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Work continues for Spaces

The company shared a preview of a new interface that will allow creators to track their earnings from Spaces. In addition to the ticketed rooms that became available in August, Spaces plans to launch a special fund for its users. In the coming days, new tools will be added to the app focused on creating more content and monetizing creators from Spaces.

In this way, the company will provide “financial, technical and marketing support” to audio content producers. In addition, there will be a tip feature that can be paid with bitcoin by all users on the platform. Thanks to the new development studies, it is aimed to reach more audiences by adding recording and playback features so that users can listen again after their speech is over.

Another innovation on the platform will be the ‘Safe Mode’ feature, which aims to minimize harassment and inappropriate conversations. In particular, users who make insulting and hate speech and repeat this will be blocked from accessing the application for seven days.

Twitter Announces ‘Ticketed Area Rooms’ to Become a New Income Door for Cases

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We learned the details about Twitter’s Spaces feature in the past weeks. With this feature, Twitter, which offers its users a Clubhouse-like voice chat experience with its followers, has now announced the ticketed Spaces rooms that will allow the influencers to make a profit.

Social networking application Clubhouse managed to attract the attention of social media giants as it increased its popularity with its voice chat experience. In fact, with the news in the past months, we learned that Twitter and Facebook are working on features that will offer an experience similar to the voice chat experience offered by Clubhouse.

Thereupon, Twitter launched its feature called Spaces in the past weeks. As we mentioned at the beginning, Twitter, which aims to offer an experience similar to Clubhouse, has now shared new details about the ticketed Spaces feature, where users can earn.

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Who can use the ticketed rooms?

Users who want to use the ticketed rooms feature must have at least 1,000 followers. In addition, users who must have hosted a room at least 3 times in the past 30 days must additionally be at least 18 years old.

This feature will only be available to users in the United States for a while, but rooms will be available from all countries. Aiming to start with a small test group, Twitter reported that it is also working on rooms hosted by multiple users.

New features we expect to arrive outside of ticketed rooms

Apart from the ticketed rooms feature, there is talk of the future of the Super Follows feature. We can liken this feature to the Join button we are familiar with with YouTube. Thanks to this feature, users on Twitter will be able to follow the people they want to support with this method, and they will both have additional content and support those people.

The subscription system feature called Twitter Blue is also expected to come to Twitter. Thanks to this feature, users will have features that are not normally available, such as retrieving tweets and saving tweets to collections.

Twitter, which is expected to bring all these features to users and has provided a very stable application experience until now, will be able to satisfy its users with these services.

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