Twitter Announces ‘Safety Mode’ Feature to Block Users on Your Name

Social media platform Twitter has announced that it is testing a new feature called “Safety Mode” to eliminate annoying interactions.

The feature will first be available on iOS, Android, and in a small test suite with English language settings.

Safety Mode flags and blocks accounts that engage in hate speech or repeatedly spam comments to people. Blocked contacts cannot follow their blocked accounts, see their tweets or send messages during this time.

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Twitter has announced a feature that will examine the replies to your tweets, identify the replies that are beyond its purpose, and block the accounts that share these Tweets on your behalf. The feature, called Security Mode, will only be tested with a small group for now.

Twitter Security Mode

Accounts that follow you or that interact frequently will not be included in this blocking process. After the feature is turned on on Twitter, you will be able to see the accounts that the platform has automatically blocked on your behalf under the heading ‘Automatic blocking’ on the same settings page.

Twitter’s new feature will not be available immediately. The company will test this feature first with a small group of 1,000 English-speaking people. Twitter will determine the accounts to be blocked according to its algorithm. In this process, the context of the tweet will be taken into account and answers that go beyond this context will be determined.