‘Twerk dance’ crisis at military ceremony in Australia

The “twerk” crisis emerged at the military ceremony in Australia. Dancers in the ceremony for the new ship of the Australian Defense Force caused a stir. Deputy Phillip Thompson, who criticized the dancers who twerked at the ceremony, described what happened as a disgrace.

‘Twerk’ crisis at military ceremony in Australia

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The ceremony held for the warship HMAS Supply in the Defense Forces in Australia stirred the country. The female dancers who “twerk” were marked in the ceremony held after the management of the ship was passed to the Australian Defense Forces (ADF).

Dancers displayed all their skills at the ceremony, which included Australian Governor General David Hurley and Australian Defense Force Commander Angus Campbell. According to the Daily Star report, it was emphasized that Hurley and Campbell clearly expressed their discomfort in this unorthodox ceremony.

Speaking to ABC News, Liberal National Party MP Phillip Thompson lashed out at the ceremony. Saying that what happened was a disgrace, Thompson said, “Considering the standards of ADF, expectations are different at the ceremony held for a ship. The ADF Commander, the members of Parliament, the Australian Governor General, everyone is there. “I think it is not appropriate to twerk in such an environment.”

The ship, which was completed and launched in 2018, is planned to be used in humanitarian aid operations in Australia.

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