Turkish model Şevval Şahin draws attention with her sexy photos

Şevval Şahin, who shared the moments she loved, was amazed by her brave bikini. Along with the Turkish model shares, many foreign followers started to gain on Instagram.

Turkish model Şevval Şahin

Şevval Şahin is among the names on the agenda recently. Well, nice of Turkey who is selected Shawwal of 2018 falcon? Here is some information about that name…

Şevval Şahin, the first of 2018, was born in 1999 in Istanbul. Sevval Şahin, who received her university education at University of East London, is a first year student of the Fashion Marketing department. It was learned that the 19-year-old model had love with Pakistani Syed Amir-Ali Kirmani Peerzada, whom she met in London, where she studied fashion.

Şevval Şahin entered our lives with the Miss Turkey competition he attended in 2018. But when it turned out to be aesthetic, it became a focus of attention in a different way. It was even said that the crown would be taken.

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I wouldn’t say “I was ugly when I was small”, but I changed a lot and got bigger

Do you always feel that you are beautiful in daily life? How do you feel about that interest?

To be honest, I get the attention in most places. This may be due to my height, style, or how I look. Nice attention always feels good, of course. But I think that interest is not due to a single image. A whole with human energy, difference, character. Just looking at the external beauty, there are already thousands of beautiful women, but not all of them can get the same attention. Because, as I said, not everything is about physical attraction.

Some models say that he was an ugly duckling during his high school years and later turned into a swan. How was the situation with you?

Of course, when I was young and adolescent, I was not related to my current state. I wouldn’t say I was ugly, but I changed a lot and grew up. Even on social media, there are still those who compare my 11-year-old with my 21-year-old. I think this is ridiculous!

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Everyone Makes Aesthetics

Yes, I am constantly coming to the agenda on this subject. I was wearing it at first, but what I was wearing wasn’t bad comments about how I looked. I do not understand how people enlarge their aesthetics so much. At that time, I was in great surprise.

Because I would never have thought that they would be so hungry. After all, aesthetics is something that happens in many models and beauty queens. But after a while, man gets used to everything. So this issue does not bother me anymore. As I always say, not everything is a nose.

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Şevval Şahin sexy photos

Şevval Şahin, who actively uses her social media account, finally shared her poses in a black brave bikini. Şahin, who loves the leopard of the leopard, has not neglected to share these moments with her followers. Şevval Şahin, who was in front of the lens with a baby leopard on her lap, filled the eye with her black bikini, wrote the following lines: “Meet my baby leopard. once again impressed.

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Turkish model Şevval Şahin criticized in her country

With his recent statements and the way she speaks Turkish, Şevval Şahin is one of the most spoken names. Today, Şevval Şahin is on the agenda again because of the questions she could not answer in Sorgu Sual program.

The famous model, who at every opportunity expresses her pride in being a Turk, has lost a lot of time in the program. She even left the studio for a while!

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