Turkish model Gizem Akbaş was brutally beaten by her boyfriend

Turkish model Gizem Akbaş became the agenda in her country. The murderous beating of the young model by her boyfriend made a splash in Turkey.

Ex-girlfriend horror in the nightclub! The images of the young model being beaten for minutes by her ex-boyfriend made headlines in her country.

Turkish model Gizem Akbas was brutally beaten by her boyfriend 2 GMSPORS

Model Gizem Akbaş, who went to the nightclub with her friends to have fun, was attacked by her ex-lover, Mücahit İsmail Ayta, who came to the venue. The mannequin, who was beaten for minutes in front of everyone, had his nose broken during the incident, and bruises and injuries occurred on his body. Those moments were captured on security cameras second by second.

Model Gizem Akbaş recently went to a place in Beşiktaş Ortaköy with her friends to have fun. Akbaş, who had a pleasant time with his friends, shared those moments with his fans on his social media account. Seeing the posts of Gizem Akbaş, her ex-lover Mücahit İsmail Ayta came to the venue and caused an incident.

Model Gizem Akbaş Battered

Making a statement after the incident, model Gizem Akbaş said: “About a year ago, I decided to leave because she cheated on me. She never accepted this. She resorted to violence all the time. She said, ‘You can’t leave me,’ She came to the place where I was on the day of the incident after seeing it through my media posts.”

“She punched me. I fell to the ground, grabbed my hair and started kicking. She hit me brutally. I complained. She went on vacation to Bodrum without even taking her statement. While I was suffering, whatever she did remains. Now I do. I don’t want what she did to stay with her.”

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“I went to the police and made a complaint. The images appeared before me for no reason and beat me to death. I want justice to be done in the most severe way.”