Turkish Football Team Draws Attention With Fenerbahce Transfers

Turkish Football Team, Fenerbahçe New Squad Attracts Attention

Dynamism continues in Fenerbahçe, one of the fastest transfer teams. Finally, it was claimed that the yellow-dark blue team, who added Nazım Sangare, who was also interested in his arch-rival Beşiktaş, to his staff … . Last minute Fenerbahce transfer news …
Since the day the negotiations with Lazio started, the names of 16 players have been pronounced for 1 jersey, and the managers are taking care to give a secret to Emre Belözoğlu.

Flash transfer developments are experienced in Fenerbahçe, which finished the transfers one after the other and opened the 2020-21 season with a victory.

Yellow-dark blue people, who continued to search for scorers due to the sale of Vedat Muriqi, sent Jailson to China and put another important income in his coffers.

Filling his safe with 4.5 million Euros, Canary strengthened his hand in the transfer after this sale and stepped in to complete the transfer of the striker.

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The yellow navies are negotiating about Ze Luis from Porto and Mbwana Samatta from Aston Villa.

It was also claimed that Fenerbahçe was closely interested in Troy Deeney, 32, who wears the Watford shirt.

While the countries of the football players whose names are mentioned with Fenerbahçe, the countries of the clubs they play in news and announce these transfer rumors to football fans, it is estimated that the transfer, which has turned into a snake story, has come to an end and will end this week.


It is learned that the striker Mbwana Samatta of Tanzanian origin, who has a contract with Aston Villa until 2024, is very close to wearing the yellow and navy blue jersey on loan, while the 27-year-old, 1.83-tall transfer is expected to be cleared in the next few days.

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