Turkish football player Sezer Öztürk wanted for murder

The world is talking about this scandal! Sezer Öztürk, who spread terror with a gun in traffic, made headlines everywhere.

It is said that Sezer Öztürk, who allegedly killed 1 person and injured 4 people with his gun after an argument in traffic, is on the run. The incident of Sezer, who was born in Germany and played in Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş, attracted the attention of the world press. Bild, one of Germany’s leading newspapers, also announced Sezer Öztürk in the headline.

The world press carried the horrors of Sezer Öztürk to the headlines. Skorer compiled the reflections in the foreign press. The universal press could not believe the scandal of Sezer Öztürk, whose name was involved in the murder.

The Croatian press covered the headlines of ‘Shock in Turkey’. In the news in Sportske novosti, the expressions “Sezer Öztürk from Fenerbahce and Leverkusen spread terror and killed 1 person” were used.

Bild, one of Germany’s leading newspapers, also carried Sezer Öztürk to the headlines. Bild headlined “Former Bundesliga player is now on the run”. In the detail of the news, “Sezer Öztürk is wanted with an arrest warrant. He has a very cruel reason because he killed a person in traffic.”

Gazet van Antwerpen, which is broadcasting in Belgium, used the headline ‘Sezer Öztürk fired from the car: One dead, four injured’. In the detail of the news, “Sezer Öztürk, former football player of Germinal Beerschot, is wanted as the perpetrator of the traffic attack in Turkey.” expressions were used.

Voetbalzone, on the other hand, used the headline ‘Sezer Öztürk set fire: 1 dead 4 injured’. Haverde “Sezer Öztürk is suspected of killing a person in traffic.” expressions were used.

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