Meet the Turkish Digital Nomad Betül Lily

Meet the Turkish digital nomad “Betül Lily“. It stands out as one of the most beautiful women among Turkish social media phenomena.

Betül Lily Social Media Model

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Betül Lily appears as one of the Turkish social media models. She is on the way to becoming a rising celebrity especially with her body and professionally taken photographs.

With the development of social media, people have now found different ways to make money. Especially many people are looking for new ways of income with the developing world. Betül uses one of these ways.

This money making business comes across as “Digital Nomad”. Recently, it has been used by many young people as a source of income.

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We could not reach detailed information about the Turkish social media model through our researches on the internet. Especially many comments and details about himself consist of moral and immoral comments about her beauty.

The Turkish social media model “Betül Lily” is thought to have earned her income through many platforms. It is known that Turkish mannequin promotes products on Instagram. One of her other works is “Drop Shipping”.

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Betül is a Sports Instructor

Betül lily attracts attention with her pictures and videos on many platforms over the internet. The model, which has a body that many women want, especially with its fit body, publishes informative videos on this subject. He publishes most of these videos on Youtube.

It continues to rise rapidly on social media with many followers gained on Instagram. However, Youtube videos have failed because they were shot amateurishly and were not interested.

The informative posts about many fitness movements and the right sports on Instagram are very high quality. On the other hand, his recommendations regarding health nutrition provide many followers to benefit.

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What is digital nomad?

People who work and travel independently from the location using the internet, smartphone, tablet and cloud-based applications are called digital nomads or digital nomads. Digital nomads, who make life-oriented philosophies of experience-oriented, mostly work in co-working areas in cities where they travel and live for a short time, in common shared offices and cafes.

What are the Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad?

The number of companies that support this innovative group, which has a passion for traveling around the world and does not depend on any location to work, is increasing day by day.

  • Opportunity to Know Different Cultures
  • Flexibility in Operation
  • A Stress-Free, Travel-Away Life
  • Networking Opportunity
  • Learning New Languages

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