Turkey, stayed away 3-3 draw with Germany

Turkey, within the scope of preparations for the match away to Germany a world leader shared his trump card. The stars of the month left the field with a 3-3 draw with the goal scored by Kenan Karaman in the last minute in the match that he completed his first half behind.

The first half of the game ended with the Germans 1-0 with the goal scored by Julian Draxler in the 45th minute. Our National Team displayed a better game in the second half, and brought the score to 1-1 with Ozan Tufan in 49.

Germany took the lead once again at 58, with Florian Neuhaus. Neuhaus Turkey’s response was Efecan Khan with 67 minutes: 2-2
Germany took the lead for the third time with Luca Waldschmidt in the 81st minute, but Kenan Karaman said the last word in extra time and the fight ended with a 3-3 draw.

The Nationals will face Russia in the Europa League of Nations on Sunday, October 11. Germany will share its trump card with Ukraine on Saturday, October 10th.

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Germany 3-3 Turkey (Highlights)

Germany and Turkey, ahead of the Nations League match in preparation for the competition faced. The fight ended in an equality of 3-3.

4 ‘Germany’s goal with Draxler canceled due to offside

11 ‘Efecan’s shot, which met the ball in the penalty area in the free kick used by Yusuf, remained in the defense of Germany

13 ‘Yusuf Yazıcı, who met with the ball in the middle of Emre Kılınç’s left wing, shot auta

19 ‘Yusuf Yazici’s shot from outside the penalty area remained in Leno.

21 ‘Schulz’s left cross shot remained in the side net.

24 ‘Ozan’s shot, which met in the penalty area with the ball in Yusuf’s mind-filled pas, remained in the goalkeeper.

41 ‘In Waldschmidt’s hard shot Mert reached the corner perfectly!

45 + 1 ‘Draxler, who met with the ball in his run behind the defense, aired the nets.

49 ‘Ozan Tufan brought equality to the match with a perfect plaque from the penalty area broadcast!

52 ‘Cengiz’s hard shot left at goalkeeper Leno

57 ‘Germany was ahead 2-1 with Neuhaus’s goal.

67 ‘Efecan Karaca sent the ball he won with his press to the nets in a very elegant way

81 ‘Waldschmidt put Germany ahead once again.


Germany: Leno, Koch, Henrichs, Rüdiger, Schulz, Emre Can, Neuhaus, Waldschmidt, Draxler, Brandt, Havertz.

Turkey: Mert, Nazim, Merih, Kaan, Hasan Ali, Okay, Ozan, Efecan, Emre, Yusuf Yazıcı

Germany vs Turkey match Important Photos:

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Germany vs Turkey match Important Photos:
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Germany vs Turkey match Important Photos:

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