Trump’s decision to ban TikTok temporarily suspended

The decision to ban TikTok in the US suspended by federal judge

The US Washington district judge temporarily suspended the US President Donald Trump administration’s decision to ban the downloading of the Chinese video sharing app TikTok from Apple and Google online sales platforms.

Trump banned the TikTok app, which has 100 million users in the US, in early August, and later lifted the ban after Microsoft’s attention, giving the parties 45 days to agree.

‘Will be closed or sold’

The US president announced two weeks ago that he would not extend the deadline for TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, to sell US operations, “Tiktok will either be closed or sold. He said that the time given to Tiktok will not be extended ”.

Judge Carl Nichols suspended the ban on downloading TikTok, which will take effect on November 12, with the precautionary measure he announced.

While the US Department of Commerce announced that it will immediately comply with the injunction, the statement in which the ministry defended the TikTok ban did not contain any information on whether the government would appeal.

TikTok: US judge suspends download ban

In the US, a judge suspended the ban on downloading the TikTok app with a temporary execution order.

The download of the app from Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play would be blocked from 23:59 local time in the east of the USA.

Those who downloaded the app before this time would still be able to use it, but if they had deleted the app on their phone, they wouldn’t be able to download it again and access updates.

Coloumbia District Court Judge Carl Nichols decided to suspend the execution on TikTok’s application.

In the statement made by TikTok, it was stated that they were pleased with the decision and it was emphasized that they would continue to protect their rights.

TikTok argued that their exclusion from iOS and Android virtual app stores was against the First and Fifth Articles of the US Constitution.

The company stressed that denied access to the app by some users violated their right to a fair trial because they were not given an opportunity to defend themselves and their freedom of expression.

The company legal team also explained Tiktok:

His firm’s legal team also added, “How could it make sense to ban the practice tonight, while negotiations are under way that could make this completely unnecessary?

The lawyers of the US government argued that the company that owns the application was the “media organ” of the Chinese Communist Party.

Another Chinese-made app, WeChat, faced a similar ban a week ago, when US courts blocked enforcement at the last minute.

National security
The long-term fate of TikTok in the US is still uncertain. Currently the application is owned by the Chinese Bytedance company. However, it is managed as a different legal entity from Douyin, which is offered to Chinese users.

Trump administration, statement about Bytdance’s owner of TikTok:

The Trump administration says that Bytdance’s ownership of TikTok poses an unacceptable national security risk. The White House states that TikTok must comply with the Chinese Communist Party’s order that “the personal data of American citizens are collected for malicious purposes”.

Bytedance denies this, arguing that TikTok’s user information is held in the US and Singapore and therefore not subject to Chinese law.

However, in the face of the threat of banning, the company agreed to sell 20 percent shares of the newly established company named TikTok Global to database company Oracle and retail giant Walmart.

However, Trump said that Bytedance would not accept any deal he did not give control to the two US companies.

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