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Troy Juliano Zarba aka Troy Zorba is one of Tiktok’s most popular male celebrities.

Known as a Tiktok Star or Social media celebrity, Troy Zarba has millions of young girl fans. The popularity of Troy Zarba, who has reached a large audience with the videos he shot on Tiktok, continues to increase rapidly.

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Who is Troy Zarba?

Parody video maker mainstream on TikTok where he is known as zarbruh. He has gathered more than 3.5 million fans on the stage.

He started presenting on TikTok in 2019. He initially was known as gnarboi.

He exhibits his second hand shop garments shopping on both TikTok and Instagram. In September 2019, he posted his first YouTube video, named “We may be the stupidest individuals ever.”

His complete name is Troy Juliano Zarba and he is from Long Island, New York.

He made a video on TikTok where he labeled Zachary Smith, Lakota Johnson and other TikTok stars as a feature of his crew.

Troy, who is on Tiktok with the username Zarbruh, keeps on sharing without easing back down and frequently tracks down an incredible spot for the main posts in disclosure.

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BIRTHDAYJanuary 8, 2002
AGE19 years old

Troy Juliano Zarba is a very popular user on Instagram. In the past, Troy Julian Zarba’s goal seems to be to reach 1 million followers on Instagram with a record new follower gain. The famous tiktok star receives thousands of likes and comments on Instagram.

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Troy Juliano Zarba Instagram Address?

Troy Zarba reached 765 thousand followers with 360 posts on Instagram. The popular social media celebrity is on Instagram with the username zarbruh.

Troy Zarba Tiktok Address?

Troy Zarba Tiktok Address is known as zarbruh. Zarba has a remarkable popularity on Tiktok with more than 204 million likes.

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