Trixie Mattel Calls Out Kylie Jenner for Similar Heart

Trixie Mattel has responded to allegations that Kylie Jenner copied the lip gloss packaging. The drag artist posted a TikTok about the similarities.

Kylie Jenner reviewed her new Valentine’s Day assortment for Kylie Cosmetics via virtual entertainment. The restricted version line-up incorporates an eyeshadow range, lip salve, highlighter, misleading lashes, become flushed sticks, lip gleams and, obviously, lip units, all housed in heart-themed red and pink bundling.

While the remarks segments were immersed by fans examining the amount they need/need/should have the assortment, there was one item specifically that really created a ruckus.

Fans immediately started calling attention to that the heart-molded bundling for Kylie’s lip gleams seemed to be like the lip sparkles sold by RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Trixie Mattel’s excellence image, Trixie Cosmetics.

Some even started labeling Trixie’s Instagram handle on the post and marked the circumstance #glossgate.

Before long, Trixie, who sent off Trixie Cosmetics in 2019, took to TikTok to call out Kylie in a now-popular video that has been watched over 2.2 multiple times.

In the video, Trixie applies her lip shine prior to detecting an image of Kylie’s Valentine’s lip sparkles behind the scenes and stopping with a befuddled look all over. In the subtitle, she stated: “Kylie I’m calling the police”.

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Kylie I’m calling the police.

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Trixie Mattel Calls Out Kylie Jenner for Similar Heart-Shaped Lip Gloss Tubes

After Kylie Jenner reviewed her pristine Valentine’s Day assortment for Kylie Cosmetics, fans rushed to see that her heart-molded lip items looked natural. Kylie’s new assortment includes an eyeshadow range, two matte lip kits⁠, lip gloss⁠, lip demulcent, a squeezed powder palette⁠, become flushed sticks⁠, highlighter, and misleading lashes⁠.

While a great many people remarked on how charming Kylie’s restricted release lip gleam bundling is, some likewise brought up that it look like RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Trixie Mattel’s fan-most loved lip shine from her magnificence image, Trixie Cosmetics.

A new post on Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram is loaded up with remarks getting down on the likenesses between the heart-molded lip sparkle tubes. “I figure Miss Mattel improved,” one client remarked. One more ringed in, saying “I call this ‘how to lose your gay clients in a solitary send off,'” since Trixie is a noticeable figure in the LGBTQ+ people group.

The drag entertainer initially sent off Trixie Cosmetics in 2019, which was brimming with items roused by her dazzling pink Barbiecore stylish. “At the point when individuals are putting the cosmetics on, I believe they should feel as I did when I was like five-years of age and I resembled holding up a My Little Pony and smelling that plastic. I believed individuals should feel that as a grown-up,” Trixie educated Seventeen regarding her image’s bundling in 2019.

In evident Trixie design, she chose to make some noise about #glossgate by posting a silly TikTok where she called Kylie out for utilizing comparable bundling. “Kylie I’m calling the police,” the “Complex components” vocalist subtitled her post.

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