Trending Grabovoi Counts on Tiktok

An ‘amazing’ story of 20 years has become a TikTok trend! Grabovoi numbers craze is trending on tiktok.

Every day on TikTok, we come across something new interesting. But there is a topic that has been trending lately, which dates back to the early 2000s and Russia.

The trends of the popular social media platform TikTok do not go unnoticed. When we say various dances, recipes, strawberries washed in salt water, we are constantly faced with a new TikTok trend. The origins of a recent TikTok trend date back to about 20 years ago.

If you want, let’s start from the beginning… In recent days, thousands of TikTok users, especially in the USA, often share the following:

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“I increased my $700 cryptocurrency investment to $25,000 in two days.”

“My father sent a lot more money than he said he would.”

“I found $20 in my car.”

Everyone seems to have a chance, but according to the owners of the posts, it has nothing to do with luck. These users say that the secret of the money they earn is “Grabovoi numbers”. While some users describe Grabovoi numbers as “the password to hack the universe”, they call on their followers to use the numbers to improve their lives.

So what are these Grabovoi numbers and where did this trend come from?

Grabovoi numbers are called some multi-digit sequences of random numbers. There is a different set of numbers for each purpose. According to Insider, Edilma Angel Moyano, who is also a Grabovoi follower, in her book published in 2018 and describing the working logic of Grabovoi numbers, claims that with number sequences, “it creates a frequency at the vibration and energy level to positively affect the situations and structures that are a part of our lives.” progress.

According to Moyano, the number of getting money from an unexpected place is 5207418898, the number of having beautiful skin is 55942833, and the number of losing weight is 55942833. 55942833 and 694713 numbers should be used together to be protected from mosquitoes. Of course, there is also the number of immortality: 31232700. These numbers can sometimes appear with a space or a dot between the digits.


According to internet sources with explanatory content about the numbers, each issue carries Radionic signatures and is produced by Grabovoi’s Radionic machine. (The number of ‘CORONAVIRUS’ produced by the machine is 5574621, and the number of ‘CORONA VIRUS’ is 6681443.) According to the radionic theory, all humans and other living things on earth are connected to each other through the electromagnetic field of the earth.

Moreover, all living things have an electromagnetic field. When this area is disturbed too much, various diseases occur. Therefore, every organ, disease and medicine has a different vibrational frequency. These factors can be expressed with numerical values ​​or geometric figures.

Although the creator of numbers and those who believe in their influence describe it as a “science”, we can say that Grabovoi numbers do not meet the criteria of objectivity, universality, rationality, falsifiability, which are the most important features of scientific knowledge.


The story of Grigori Grabovoi, who discovered (invented?) the Grabovoi numbers and gave the numbers their name, is much more interesting than the numbers themselves.

Those with strong memories may remember that exactly 17 years ago, Grabovoi and his followers deceived a group of grieving mothers whose children had died, promising to bring their children back for 1000 euros per person. (According to Rapsi, a Russian legal news site, Grabovoi admits to making this promise to mothers, but rejects the part about money.)

Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi is a qualified mechanic and paramedic, and the founder and leader of the Russian sect Обучение всеобщему спасению и гармоничному развитию.

According to sources, Grabovoi was born in 1963 in Shymkent, Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan was part of the USSR at that time. Grabovoi graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of the Tashkent State Polytechnic University in Uzbekistan in 1986, and his specialty was mathematics, according to his website.

Grabovoi, who started working for the Uzbek Civil Aviation Department a few years after his graduation, was providing “intrasensory diagnosis” service to the national airline of Uzbekistan. Judging by the information on his site, this service was able to accurately predict engineering problems in 360 flights.

During the reign of Boris Yeltsin, Grabovoi’s star rose even more. So much so that, according to the head of the Russian Pseudoscience Commission, Eduard Kruglyakov, in 2005, to the Russian news agency Regnum, Yeltsin, who was fascinated by the young mathematician’s performance on airplanes, told Grabovoi to keep his plane in the air by telekinesis while he was in it in the late 1990s. gave the task.

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