Transhumanism is coming true! Towards the New World

Transhumanism is an international intellectual and cultural movement that suggests that technology and science should be used in order to increase the physical and cognitive abilities of man and eliminate the undesirable or unnecessary aspects such as aging and illness.

The age of half human, half robot beings is coming

While the developments in the field of artificial intelligence cause concerns that robots will replace people, the future is thought to be in cyborgs, which are the robot-human mixture, together with the transhumanism movement.

While the developments in the field of artificial intelligence cause concerns that robots will replace human, you will come together with the transhumanism movement that means “transcending the limits of the human”. it is thought to be in cyborgs, which are robot-human mixes, not robots that think.

The new technology, which has been started by the technology firm Sony and which enables taking pictures and video recordings with a lens placed on the eye, has had a great impact on the internet. The new lens that Sony patents will be activated according to the blinking movements of the user and will be able to record photos and videos on demand.

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Why are 3,000 Swedes wearing chips?
Worldwide, it is estimated that the number of “cyborg” injected into the body reached 10 thousand. Sweden, where there are many microchip companies, is the country with the most people “chipped” with 3 thousand people.

Price is 150 dollars

The price of the chip placed under the skin is 150 dollars. This chip stores personal data, credit card numbers and medical information; communicates with devices using radio frequencies.

Today, it is estimated that the number of “cyborg”, which is chip-injected in the body, that is, the number of artificial “creatures” moving by remote control has reached 10 thousand. Sweden, which has many microchip companies, is the country with the largest share. People are even starting to order chips that they can inject themselves. “Andie Chip!” Those who wear their t-shirts and walk around are also welcome!

So what’s the future

The founder of the Swedish company BioHax, Jowan Österlund, told The Economist magazine that the chips integrated into the human body are safer than mobile phones, and the chips are much more difficult to “hack”. Of course, there are those who think the opposite. RDIF chips do not have GPS, but when it communicates with devices such as automatic door, printer, it leaves a mark.

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For example, it is fashionable to place chips under the skin to prevent counteractions in Mexico.

So why do people take this risk? The main reason for this is comfort. Contactless processing, wherever payment technology is available, provides the necessary infrastructure for microchip use.

Therefore, Sweden, which is the second country in the world that uses the least amount of cash after Canada, offers an extremely favorable environment in terms of chip usage. The biggest role in the increase of chip usage falls to the companies. The number of stores that detect Chinese implants is very limited. Those who perceive can still face serious problems. For example, when Swedish rail officials read passengers’ chips, they can access LinkedIn data instead of e-tickets. So chips are only used in digital business cards or cards that replace keys.

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Humanity After Transhumanism

Humanity After Transhumanism Will Become “2.0” Now. We will be talking about a different biological creature after technology that continues rapidly. Is New Modern Slavery Realizing For People?

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