Transgender actress Elliot Page shares his first swimsuit pose

Elliot Page shows that his chest is shirtless after it is removed and shares it with his followers. The famous actor did not escape the attention of his followers in the emergence of abdominal muscles.

Elliot Page, the successful actress of the Inception, Juno and X-Men franchises, changed gender in a radical decision last year. The actor shared his swimsuit photo for the first time on his social media account and showed the final shape of his body.

Transgender actress elliot page shares his first swimsuit pose 3 gmspors

A year ago, actor Elliot Page announced that he was transgender. Now she shared a photo of her after her breast was removed. He calls the operation “life-saving”, and he finally feels good in his own body.

Elliot Page shows himself bare-chested after breast surgery

The famous actress, who changed his name from Ellen Page to Elliot Page after the gender change, shared his swimsuit photo by the pool on his social media account.

Canadian actor Elliot Page presents the result of his operation, in which both his breasts were removed.

34-year-old Elliot Page explains how he wanted to look from an early age. The Canadian actor only came out as a transgender in December and announced that his breasts would be surgically removed in March. She has now posted a photo on Instagram where she can be spotted bare-chested by the pool. The page reads: “Trans-Baby’s first swim shorts” and hashtags #transjoy and #transisbeautiful. The post received over two million likes a few hours later. Followers particularly praise two things: Elliot’s happy smile and his trained abs.


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Almost six months ago, actor Elliot Page announced that he was transgender. Since then, she has been encouraging other people to stand on their own on their social channels. Now she shared the first photo where you can see the result of her breast removal.

“The first swimsuits,” Page writes a picture of herself by the pool – with red shorts and a big smile on her face. Additionally, #transjoy and #transisbeautiful hashtags.

At the same time, Page complained of a transphobic climate: “Part of me wonders why this is so difficult. Why has society made it so difficult for me to get to this point in my life? “As a celebrity, Page feels responsible and defends the interests of trans people. He’s interested in clarifying misinformation and lies in the anti-trans law so that they don’t stand a chance – for example, there have been some setbacks in the US under Donald Trump’s presidency.

Transgender actress elliot page shares his first swimsuit pose 2 gmspors

elliot page Liked by His Latest Status Followers

His abdominal muscles, which became prominent in his first swimsuit share, made by the 34-year-old player, drew attention. The share of the player, who has 5.2 million followers on Instagram, received 2.2 million likes in a short time.

In December 2020, Page announced on his social media page a letter saying “Hello guys, I want to share my trans identity with you and my name has changed to Elliot.”

In March, Elliot Page first mentioned the operation on the Time magazine cover story. Shortly after, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the operation made him feel comfortable in his own body for the first time in his life. She feels liberated and filled with new energy, Page said. Such an operation is said to be a “life saver” for many.

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