Trans woman flirting with Icardi pisses Wanda off

It all came to light when Wanda Nara saw that Mauro Icardi liked a photo of China Suarez even though she wasn’t following him. Argentine actress and model China Suarez also knew Wanda Nara.

She started talking to China on Icardi Telegram. Wanda sensed something strange in Icardi and asked him for the password to their account. The conversation and images on Telegram gave it all away.

While China was posting pictures of her during the day, Icardi was sharing images from the workout with China. Thereupon, Wanda Nara, who left the house, started preparations for a divorce.

Trans woman flirting with icardi pisses wanda off 1 gmspors

With rumors spreading on social media, Wanda Nara posted on Instagram, “You ruined your family!” She confirmed that Icardi cheated on her.

Trans woman flirting with Icardi sparks controversy

Trans woman flirting with icardi pisses wanda off 2 gmspors

Argentine football player Mauro Icardi, who was revealed to have cheated on his wife Wanda Nara, gave the news that he and his wife had reconciled with an emotional thank you message. “Thank you, my love, for continuing to believe in this beautiful family,” the Paris Saint-Germain star called out to her husband.

A new development took place after the betrayal that brought Paris Saint-Germain’s world-famous star Mauro Icardi and his wife Wanda Nara to the brink of divorce. After the incident, when Wanda Nara realized that she was cheating with China Suarez, thanks to the photos in Telegram, the couple of Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara reconciled.

The star football player did not attend the match and two training sessions his team played with RB Leipzig after the separation. With the emotional message he wrote about his wife Nara on Instagram, Icardi also gave the news of reconciliation.

Trans woman flirting with icardi pisses wanda off 3 gmspors

In the midst of the crisis between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara, Guendalina Rodriguez once again took the stage. At the moment when the question between the two is most unstable. Cross-posts included. And suddenly the trance enters the scene, making sure that he maintained a relationship with the actress while he was married to Wanda Nara. I’m back in 2019.

Piecemeal. We need to talk about the “so-called” breakup right now because the striker assures us that it’s just a game to mislead the press. Meanwhile, the businesswoman continues to live in Argentina, she is solid in her position.

And now it turns out. Guendalina showed her recent conversations with the football player. After assuring that she had an intermittent relationship with Icardi for several years, she now says she has returned to call him after the breakup.

The image in question shared by the Italian on his Instagram account shows how Icardi warned him that he would return to Turkey and asked if he was there.

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