Tortured by Korean writer, Kim recounts what happened

Tortured in Turkey by the Korean writer, Kim told me what happened: “Ghosts have taken over me, stand naked in front of the window.”

In June, Turkey defended Whosuck Lee after the coup against 22-year-old Korean Kim Yoonje in Istanbul Umraniye. Denying the young woman’s allegations of assault, rape, forced detention and blackmail, Lee said it was only assault and property damage. The young woman claimed that Lee told her, “I am a shaman, I have been possessed by ghosts, stand naked by the window.”

In June, police teams, who received a report of noise from a house rented over the internet in Ümraniye, detained South Korean Whosuck Lee and Kim Yoonje in a raid.

While being taken to the hospital, 22-year-old Kim Yoonje, who was determined to have been beaten, claimed in her first statement that Lee threatened to give her sexually explicit images to porn sites, saying that she was sexually assaulted, kept in that house, and starved.

Whosuck Lee claims to be a shaman

Whosuck Lee, 44, who is being tried with a sentence of 46 years in prison for 7 different crimes, made his defense before the judge for the first time. Lee said, “I realized that I became a shaman due to the bad events I experienced in Korea. I met the victim through a shaman. He handed it over to me because he could not carry the victim. “I never tortured him, I did not starve him, I did not burn his body and I did not drink my urine. I do not want my daughter to know that I am a rapist. Rape is slander. Only the accusations of battering and damaging property are true. I am a respected writer and I beat him for stealing my works,” he said.

Kim Yoon Jee, who sent a written defense from South Korea, said, “He claimed that he was a local shaman and that I would earn money. We came to Turkey together. He told me to stand naked in front of the window that he was captured by the ghost. Various attacks, threats, personal information leaks.” He did terrible things like forced sexual video shooting, incarceration, extortion. I’m afraid he will return to Korea.” said.

The defendant’s lawyer, Mertkan Yemen, said, “Whosuck Lee is an intellectual person. She cracked the victim’s computer under unjust provocation.

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