Top Model Samuela Gorska’s LGBT statement that will be talked about a lot

Top Model Samuela Gorska’s statements about LGBT and Jews, which will be talked about a lot, became the agenda. Beautiful model Samuela has spoken very harshly to LGBT supporters.

Former Top Model participant and also Antek Królikowski’s ex-girlfriend unexpectedly reminded herself with her last statement at the Confederation meeting. The video was “featured” on Twitter by the party itself, which Samuela Górska called “a team of nice young guys”. Did you know they have such views?

Although people like Janusz Korwin-Mikke or Krzysztof Bosak seem unlikely to win over women thanks to their statements about the fair sex, nothing could be more wrong than this. The Confederacy has women in its ranks and can count on their votes.

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Samuela Gorska I don’t want Jewish, I don’t want LGBT

Until recently, Samuela Górska was known as the ex-girlfriend of Antek Królikowski, who participated in the 4th edition of the “Top Model” program. Currently, she gained second fame due to the recording of the Confederate rally, in which she explained why she supported this party. The clip was praised by the Confederacy on Twitter, but was removed a few hours later.

Why do I support the Confederation? I support it because first of all I am totally against socialism and I don’t want anyone to take the money I earn from me and give it to those who can’t or don’t want to. I don’t want Jews, I don’t want LGBT. I don’t want too much of what’s out there right now, and only the Confederacy, I have the impression, provides such normality – said the model.

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These words enraged many Internet users, who began contacting companies that collaborated with Samuela Górska and asked if they supported their views. Brands began cutting themselves off from the intolerant model, assuring them they would never hire him again.

We would like to strongly emphasize that the Kossie brand is always against any form of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, origin or nationality. Ms. Samuel, disclosing her private, confidential views, with which we disagree, in any case closed the way for cooperation with the Kossie brand “- we read in the company’s statement on Instagram.

I just wanted to say that when you start working with someone, nobody’s opinion is taken, maybe it’s sad because it’s very hard and sad to hear that someone doesn’t want you in the country you live in. I don’t have a profile on my profile. “There are no more photos with the person whose words impressed me so much, and I am very sorry that such things are happening in the middle of Europe in the 21st century,” he said.

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