Tom Cruise posts on TikTok are the product of artificial intelligence

Tom Cruise posts on TikTok turned out to be videos edited by artificial intelligence. It was learned that Tom Cruise on Tiktok was not real, he was created by a robot.

While Tom Cruise’s numerous entertaining posts attracted great interest from his fans on TikTok, it was surprising that the videos were products of artificial intelligence. Although it is hard to believe that the shares are not real, the famous actor is not bothered by the situation.

Tom cruise posts on tiktok are the product of artificial intelligence gmspors

Earlier this year, videos of famous actor Tom Cruise began appearing on TikTok.

The sympathetic sharing of the actor, who was not considered much, attracted great attention.
Cruise was seen in the videos doing coin manipulation, singing, walking around the store and joking around.

While it was almost impossible to believe that Cruise was not himself in the posts that attracted great attention from his fans, it turned out that these posts were made by artificial intelligence.

The person created in the shares was not real, although he looked exactly like the movie star in everything from his physique to his squint and smile.

He was an AI-created doppelganger to look and sound like him.

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