Tinx Tiktok greets Malibu in her video

Tinx Tiktok is starting a nice day with the video she made about Malibu in her video. Known as Christina Najjar, “Tinx” has become a well-known name in tiktok with over 1.1 million followers. The 30-year-old Tiktok phenomenon managed to attract the attention of many people in a short time with the videos she made.

Her short videos about the life of the American Tiktok phenomenon are highly appreciated by her followers.

Tinx lives in Los Angeles. She managed to get millions of views in the fun Q&A videos she shot on Tinx tiktok.

Tinx tiktok greets malibu in her video gmspors

Christina Najjar shares her circle in Tiktok

Tinx shares her environment with her followers in the video of Malibu, which she shared with #malibu #nobu #sunday #vlog #vibesss.

She signs a viral video series about Tinx Tiny Microphone.

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Christina Najjar Tiny microphone series are admired by her followers. Her videos help her gain millions of views, especially with her tiny and cute micron.

TikTok superstar Tinx tells something to E, News about why she decided to take her little microphone and take over the world.

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How did Tinx and its tiny microphone take over TikTok?

In case you’re a millennial who has been on TikTok somewhat recently, odds are you definitely know and are fixated on Tinx.

Yet, in the (profoundly improbable) chance that you haven’t cheerfully lost hours of your life to Christina Najjar and her little receiver on the web-based media stage, it’s an ideal opportunity to meet quite possibly the most relatable substance makers out there.

Since she began sharing her hot takes on everything from dating and health to The Bachelor precisely one year prior, oneself depicted “combination of each of the five Spice Girls” has amassed a noteworthy 1.1 million devotees on TikTok. (What’s more, her Instagram account isn’t a long ways behind.) And when she glances back at all she’s cultivated around there, she can’t really accept that how far she’s come.

Tinx: I’ll attempt to be brief yet, you know me, I love to visit. I’m initially from London, and I grew up there my whole life until I set off for college, yet I have American guardians. I went to an exacting, all-young ladies British school and, in secondary school, I generally watched a great deal of The O.C. also, Laguna Beach. I resembled, ‘Gosh, these individuals in California truly have that sorted out. They appear to make some extraordinary memories. I truly need to head off to college in California.’ I applied to for the most part California schools and got into Stanford and, when I got to California, I resembled, ‘I love it here’. After school, I lived in San Francisco for a very long time working in style.

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I worked at Gap Inc., and afterward I worked at Poshmark, so I truly thought I needed to be in design. Be that as it may, the entire time I was working, as my side hustle, I was composing articles for Teen Vogue, Pop Sugar, Refinery 29. Also, that was the point at which I was so cheerful. I would simply have the greatest rush when I was composing fun articles and I would get messages about them from ladies. I would compose things like, ‘I went out on the town with another person consistently for a year and this is the thing that occurred.’ I’ve generally adored being the human guinea pig, love to give interesting things a shot. Individuals need a mind break. They need to enjoy a chuckle and, I think, as far as I might be concerned, being really fair with individuals and being powerless about my experience can cause somebody to feel less alone. Assuming we can share that normal experience, that is the awesome. So then I thought, ‘Alright, I’ll return to class and get my Master’s in reporting.’ I need to give living a shot the East Coast so I went to Parsons in New York City for style news-casting.

I truly didn’t get comfortable New York and it was likewise right now that I understood I really am not that into style. In any case, I kept on composition. I was the online supervisor for Modern Luxury for some time, so composing for Gotham and Hampton. I was composing huge loads of articles and I’m adoring that side of things, yet when I graduated, I needed to move back to California. I needed to attempt L.A. since I felt like it very well might be the ideal blend of the multitude of urban areas that I’ve lived in and I arrived and proceeded to compose and began to counsel for brands and help them recount their accounts since I understood that is actually additionally what I cherished: narrating.

I was cherishing life and afterward the pandemic hit and clearly no one needed articles about how to coordinate with your zodiac sign to your exercise tights. I was somewhat sad and living in a studio loft over a strip club on La Cienega Blvd., only sort of wasting my time. I downloaded TikTok and resembled this is so fun however I didn’t actually see any substance. I felt like there was a space for an alternate kind of substance.

Clearly I’m a millennial, I’m somewhat more seasoned. There were so numerous pleasant moving recordings and there was certainly parody on there, yet I felt like there could be more millennial substance. I additionally clearly love superstar news. I love social editorial. So I figured, ‘I don’t have whatever else to do, I should simply attempt it. I have in a real sense nothing to lose and I presently don’t fear judgment since it appears as though the world’s completion at any rate.’ As soon as I made my first video, I resembled, ‘This is how I should manage my life.’ It was quick. I resembled I’m fixated on this, I love this configuration. I never considered myself a camera-confronting individual yet I totally cherished it. What’s more, from that point it was only a wild ride.

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How would you propel yourself when you probably won’t want to make content one day?

Truly, I have not had a day when I would prefer not to make content. I totally love it. I have numerous different issues however. My time the executives is awful. I’m so complicated and I’ve really heard that that is a maker thing, however. A ton of my other maker companions resembled, ‘Gracious no doubt the substance comes except for the association? No.’ I wish that I could simply sit idle however my mother resembles, ‘No, you will in a real sense go to prison on the off chance that you don’t make good on your expenses.’ And I’m similar to, ‘I can’t coordinate that at the present time.’ She resembles, ‘You’re 30.’ I’m similar to, ‘I in a real sense simply need to make recordings about becoming inebriated!’

That is one of the notes that I get from individuals the most: ‘Goodness, you made me not hesitant to turn 30.’ And I tell my devotees constantly, my life started at 30. It truly did. Not to say I didn’t have magnificent occasions in my 20s yet I think your 20s are so mismarketed. They can be truly unnerving. The vast majority are bankrupt in their 20s. You’re attempting to sort it out and afterward, you know, you turn 30. What’s more, it’s actually similar to, you at long last know what your identity is, you understand what you need. I really have never been more joyful [or] appreciative, I think. I’m cherishing 30.

What exhortation do you have for new makers that attempting to get into the space at this moment?

Consistency. That is the hardest thing since it tends to be really unsettling when you’re making content and perhaps you’re not getting perspectives or you’re not getting a great deal of positive confirmation. Be reliable, consistently. Make a responsibility. Say, ‘I will put out a piece of substance consistently for a month, come what may.’ And that is not just on the grounds that it will build your odds of being seen, yet in addition get those reps in you. You can rehearse, you can sort it out.

Number two: Find your specialty, whatever it is. Try not to be apprehensive if it’s a truly explicit thing. Like I generally tell individuals, there is a side of TikTok that is in a real sense oats TikTok. So if that is the thing, you can discover your specialty since individuals will think often about it in the event that you care about it.

My third tip is: Create the substance that you need to see. I think individuals get truly entangled reasoning what might individuals like, what might individuals get perspectives or preferences. That is really the incorrect approach. You should make content that you care about, that you need to see. That is the thing that I did. I never figured anyone would think often about Rich Moms, and they do in light of the fact that I care about it. So make the substance that you need to find on the planet.

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Who is Tiktok Star Tinx?

  • About

Short structured content creator that has become widespread for his own metinx TikTok account, where he publishes small video blogs and superstar gossip records. It has gathered more than 1 million supporters on the online media scene.

  • Prior to Fame

She dispatched her TikTok account in May 2020.

  • Random data

Her first TikTok video to get more than 1 million perspectives includes her difficult the notorious Kardashian salad.

  • Day to day Life

Her mom has showed up on her itsmetinx Instagram account.

  • Related With

She posted a two part harmony with TikTok star Josh Richards in July 2020.


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    30 years old


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Tinx (@itsmetinx)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

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