Tina Louise, one of the sexiest models on Instagram, has the key to success

Tina Louise is one of the most remarkable German models of social media. The hot woman, who has managed to attract everyone’s attention with her tattoos and physique, has recently attracted attention with the number of millions of followers.

The model, which amazes us with more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram, has more than 100 thousand people who admire only her.

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Tina Louise attracts many new followers on Instagram thanks to her sexy poses that a model can often give.

Tina Louise has not only male but also female followers. Especially Tina Louise’s female followers often follow the famous model’s fitness advice and nutrition recommendations.

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40-year-old tattooed model Tina Louise GYM

40-year-old tattooed model Tina Louise works out so hard in fitness she thinks a 20-year-old girl saw her. However, Louise has been involved in advertising campaigns for many major brands, as well as modeling and sports for years.

The restaurant owner showed off her loose bust and slim body in a navy blue sports bra and high-waisted green shorts as she completed her workout routine.

She started her routine with barbell hip thrusts and then worked her booty with a resistance band as she knelt on a bench and lifted her legs from side to side.

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The tattooed bombshell finished things off by lifting dead rows with the barbell and added an extra challenge by placing a resistance band around her thighs.

Tina’s Instagram workout videos come after she hinted that her latest romance with Selling Sunset’s Brett Oppenheim might be on the rocks.

40-year-old Australian model Tina Louise is a social media star. With her many tattoos and dreamy curves, she is a regular in the English-speaking media. Planet invites you to discover it with its ultra-sulphurous photos.

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Tina Louise: Who is this 40-year-old Instagram model?

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Last May, Australian model Tina Louise celebrated her 40th birthday. But who is this beautiful blonde talking about her in the international media? As reported by the Hollywoodlife site, the influencer is from Castlemaine, a small town in Australia. Spotted by a 21-year-old photographer. Photos taken by the latter will be on the front page of the men’s magazine Maxim Australia. From then on, the young woman was named “Australia’s sexiest bikini model”.

It must be said that the young woman with many tattoos did not go unnoticed. At the age of 18 he began to be marked with indelible ink. His first tattoo, representing a butterfly, signified his “freedom” as it was entrusted to the specialist magazine Inked. Tina Louise, a real star on social networks with 2.6 million subscribers, took a big revenge on life. Growing up, she was a victim of abuse.

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Besides her modeling career, the 40-year-old also runs two restaurants specializing in tacos called “Sugar Taco”. Heart wise, this vegan was going to date actor Brian Austin Green for a while.

Despite her advancing age, Tina Louise has the determination to sacrifice everything to preserve her physique and beauty.

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