Time magazine picks the number one in the entertainment world: BTS

Time magazine announced on Thursday that it has named K-Pop group BTS the biggest name in the entertainment world of 2020. BTS, the world’s most popular Asian singer group, has become the most valuable singer group in recent years. BTS, the most popular song group in 2020, is rapidly gaining popularity among teenagers.

While announcing the news, Time used expressions about BTS, “They became the biggest group in the world”. The magazine also added: While releasing albums, breaking all kinds of records, and appearing in live streams in 2020, BTS rose to the top of pop stardom. And they did this in a year characterized by setbacks, when the world was stagnating and everyone struggled to keep their connections. Other celebrities have also tried to take advantage of these challenges, many of which have failed.

Members of the group Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook announced that they were proud to receive such recognition. Speaking about the title of the group, Suga said, “There are times when I am still surprised that all these unimaginable things happen. But every now and then I ask myself,” If we don’t, who will do it? “

In addition to releasing popular songs such as Dynamite and Fire, BTS also attracted attention with its support for the Black Lives Matter movement this year. The group donated $ 1 million (approximately 8 million TL) to the anti-racist movement and encouraged their fans in this direction.

BTS group’s Dynamite clip costumes are up for auction

World-famous K-pop group BTS’s costumes in the record-breaking song Dynamite will be sold at auction for donation.

There’s a chance for BTS fans to own the outfits of their favorite band members! World-famous K-pop music group BTS’s music video costumes for their record-breaking song Dynamite are going to auction. The clothes will be on sale at the charity auction in Beverly Hills.

The pink, blue, green and lilac colors of the seven singers in the clip will be looking for their buyer at Julien’s Auction House. The clothes are expected to find buyers up to $ 40,000.

The costumes the band members wear in the clip shot in August consist of hat, t-shirt, shoes, pants and shirt. Martin Nolan, manager of the auction house, stated that BTS members are selling their costumes for the first time, emphasizing that the auction is special.

Dynamite, BTS’s first full-English song, became the first South Korean pop song to hit the Billboard 100 chart. The clip got 10 million views 20 minutes after being published on YouTube, and broke the record as the video that reached this number in the shortest time.

In January, the microphones used by the band members on touring were sold in Los Angeles for 83,200 dollars, eight times more than expected.


The Dynamite apparel will be one of the items to be auctioned in Beverly Hills on January 29, and will be presented online to fundraise MusiCares, the charity arm of the Recording Academy organizer of the Grammy Awards. BTS was recently nominated for Grammy for the first time.

BTS, aka Bangtan Boys, is a 7-member South Korean group formed by Big Hit Entertainment. The fans of the group are called “ARMY”. BTS is a group that gained fans thanks to the covers and blog posts they released even before their first teaser was released on May 26th.

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