Tiktok’s beloved dog pudgywoke is now on Youtube

The pudgywoke, which became popular on the platform after the release of Tiktok, began to be known as Tiktok’s beloved dog with its unique voice and cute ways.

The pudgywoke, who shot videos with its owner and reached millions of followers, became a hot topic in the past months after having an accident.

The owner of the cute dog opened a new youtube channel for him. Tiktok’s beloved dog will now be on Youtube and it is thought that Pudg’s owner will manage that channel properly.

Tiktoks beloved dog pudgywoke is now on youtube 2 gmspors

Pudgy Woke gained more than 40k followers on Youtube in 24 hours. Pudgy Woke channel shared only 1 video and gained 400 thousand views in a short time.

What happened to PudgyWoke?

In April of this current year, Pudgy’s proprietor Malachy James uncovered that Pudgy had been taken to the medical clinic for the night subsequent to being harmed in a mishap. “Remaining for the time being at the creature emergency clinic, I’ll update everybody tomorrow,” Malachy wrote in a message via web-based media toward the finish of April.

A couple of hours after the fact, another update was posted. “Just looked into the other creature clinic that has a nervous system specialist, back with refreshes ASAP,” the tweet peruses.

From that point forward, there’s been absolute quiet across Pudgy’s online media stages, so it’s not satisfactory precisely what befell the long-haired chihuahua. In the wake of the news, numerous aficionados of Pudgy’s started to say something regarding online media to offer their help and love.

Given the dismal news that Pudgy was in the medical clinic followed by absolute quiet, many have made the hasty judgment that Pudgy kicked the bucket and Malachy had set aside some effort to grieve his canine in private. It’s likewise conceivable, however, that Pudgy is in recuperation, and Malachy isn’t posting about him since he needs to focus on getting his canine sound as opposed to refreshing his adherents.

Tiktoks beloved dog pudgywoke is now on youtube 1 gmspors

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