Tiktok User Sushi monster harassed on passenger plane

Tiktok User Sushi monster shared the images of being harassed on the passenger plane on social media. Tiktok user mobilesushibar became the agenda by sharing those difficult moments on her own tiktok account.

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Sushi monster reveals perverts on TikTok

Realize that he was harassed while traveling on the plane TikTok user started recording these moments immediately. The 18-year-old young woman recorded the harassment she experienced and uploaded it to her social media account.

The young woman, using the nickname Sushi Monster, shared the harassment she experienced through her TikTok account. As she traveled on the plane, she began to feel someone sitting behind her touching her. The young woman did not understand what it was at first, then she started to shoot videos due to the ongoing harassment.

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The video of the 18-year-old young woman who shared her disgusting moments on her TikTok account to make a record in her hand, was watched over 1.7 million times. The woman’s use of her social media account to make her voice heard helped the event reach much more people.

In this video shared on her Mobilesushibar account, the young woman wants to show everyone that she has been harassed and that such an incident can happen to anyone and that a voice should be raised. The disgusting incident on the passenger plane took place even before the plane took off.

The young woman says that at first she thought that the man would touch her arm and ask something, but then she touched his chest and realized that her purpose was different. After all, the harasser records the man and shares the video with millions of people. She states that the abuser is in her 60s and has been bothered by her ever since she sat on the couch.

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The really scary part here is that the young woman is told to keep quiet even though she reported the incident to the officers. Later, the young woman takes a video recording and tries to find strength from social media.

The details in the news in the Daily Star convey the feelings of the young woman after the harassment she experienced. We also learn that the young woman had to travel on the plane, where her voice could not be heard.

Sushi monster Wants to Be the Voice of Other Women

@mobilesushibarThe man was like 50-60s and I was so uncomfy @spiritairlines ##fyp ##foryou ##harassmentawareness 😐♬ original sound – Sushi monster

The young woman, who also answers questions from her social media account, keeps her name a secret, but asks other women not to be silent and tell them about the events they have experienced.

The video of the infuriating image soon went viral and was compared to the ‘me too’ movement initiated by women. In this way, women announce the horrific abuses they have experienced.

TikTok user, who shares her moments with her followers one by one, says that she will be much more careful after these and will do everything to reach her voice to much more people.

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