Tiktok User Shelby Rodriguez kicked out of gym

The video of Tiktok User Shelby Rodriguez being kicked out of the gym became the agenda.

Clothing discussion in the gym! When the woman who was doing sports with a bra was kicked out of the hall, she raised her followers to their feet.

The woman, who went to a gym in Canada’s Alberta province with a bra, received a response that it was forbidden to enter the gym in this way, but only once. According to the claim of the woman who started doing sports in the gym, the sports coach who came to her after 15 minutes took the woman named Shelby Rodriguez out of the gym.

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The video of the woman who was expelled from Spor drew reaction

Shelby Rodriguez, 26, living in Canada’s Alberta province, has been telling her weight loss story by sharing videos of her sports moments on her Tik-Tok account since March. The last thing that happened to the woman, who shared her weight loss journey with her frequent followers, drew attention.

According to the news in the Daily Mail, Shelby Rodriguez argued with the authorities about the bra when he last went to the gym. According to the young woman’s claim, it was recorded by the gym official that her clothes were not suitable for the hall, but she was still allowed to exercise.

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Again, according to the woman’s claim, the trainer who came to Rodriguez after he started doing sports kicked him out of the gym. Rodriguez, who was surprised at what happened, shared his sad moments with his followers on his Tik-Tok account.

Rodriguez stated that he felt very bad, “I just went to the gym, the woman at the reception said that they have a policy that does not allow wearing a ‘sports bra’ in the gym and that our belly should not be visible. But anyway, this time is ok, let me know next time.” said.


The woman, who also showed how her outfit looks in the video, said she was wearing high-waisted tights and a strappy sports bra. Rodriguez said, “Okay, I went to do my sport. 15 minutes later, when I was on the treadmill, the coach asked me to go. came from social media users.

This kind of thing happens in Canada

While the young woman did not want to name the gym she went to, some users said most gyms had similar rules to the woman they said was “overly emotional.”

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