Tiktok User defended the vaccine, so who is ATASTEOFALEX?

In the latest video posted on her TikTok account, Megan Alexandra Blankenbiller begged her followers not to make the same mistake she made – waiting to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Blankenbiller, or @atasteofalex on TikTok, kicked the bucket of COVID-19 last month subsequent to reporting her excursion with the infection through a progression of short recordings. She initially reported that she’d gotten COVID-19 on Aug. 13 with a video of herself in the medical clinic. In the subtitle, she encouraged others: “Don’t WAIT TO GET VACCINATED! Go at this point!!”

It was an opinion that she repeated in her next three recordings.

In one video, she scattered the misinterpretation that the individuals who are inoculated can’t get COVID-19 and clarified that it assists your body with withstanding the infection in the event that you do get it. In her next, she said she’d been hesitant to get the immunization. She additionally said that since she’d been at the clinic, she’d been hearing the “groans and the shouts of individuals in torment” — the despondency of the people who had likely lost their friends and family.


Megan Alexandra Blankenbiller was a 31-year-old essayist and entertainer from Florida.

She passed by the name @atasteofalex on TikTok where she has 21,000 adherents.

Alex, as she jumped at the chance to be known, used to post satire and moving substance on the application.

Notwithstanding, in mid-August, she was hospitalized with Covid-19 and started utilizing her profile to ask others to get immunized.

Soon after, she tragically died.


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On August fourteenth, Alex posted a video from an Orange County Medical Center emergency clinic bed in which she uncovered she had gotten Covid-19.

“The ‘vid got me folks. Try not to WAIT TO GET VACCINATED! Go at this point!! Also, if it’s not too much trouble, implore/send great energies, and so forth for me,” she wrote in the subtitle.

Then, at that point, in a subsequent clasp posted later on that day, her condition had clearly deteriorated.

In the video, she uncovered that she didn’t get immunized, saying: “It’s not on the grounds that I’m against vax, I stood by excessively long. I was terrified. There’s nothing amiss with that.”

“For quite a long time, I was truly pondering preparing it and was to get it, and honestly I held up in light of the fact that I was attempting to persuade my entire family to do it simultaneously,’ she added.

She closed: “In case you’re in almost the same situation and you’re trusting that somebody will do it with you, don’t. Simply go get inoculated.”


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♬ original sound – It’s Alex, Betch. 💋

Alex’s mom and sisters disclosed to WebMD that they ultimately concurred and had all booked to get inoculated, however they all became sick before they could get the antibody.

In her last video, she encouraged individuals to get the immunization again.

“Hello folks. I don’t have a lot of energy for talking so I’m going to attempt to make this fast… I didn’t get inoculated, I’m not enemy of vax, I was simply attempting to do my exploration,” she said.

Alex proceeded: “I was terrified and I needed me and my family to all do it simultaneously and as I’m certain you all know, it’s difficult to get everybody to concur.”

“I do think it was an error. I shouldn’t have paused. In case you are even 70% sure that you need the immunization, go get it. Try not to stand by. Go get it, in light of the fact that ideally, assuming you get it, you will not wind up in the medical clinic like me.”


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♬ original sound – It’s Alex, Betch. 💋


Alex’s blood Oxygen levels plunged, and only nine days in the wake of posting her last video, she tragically died.

“Her last video truly showed a ton of what her identity was. She was sacrificial, the sort of individual who utilized her last days to help other people,” her sister told WebMD.

TikTok clients are communicating their sympathies on her TikTok recordings.

One individual stated: “Find happiness in the hereafter, Alex. I’m so awfully sorry you didn’t get the vax on schedule. You’ve done an extraordinary assistance here to your local area and individual Americans.

“Tear. Many thanks for attempting to connect and teach others. Sending petitions to the family,” said another.

A third individual added: “She utilized her final gasps to help other people. Tear Alex and bless your heart.”

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