Tiktok User Bethany Martin arrested for MARCUS Adams necklace

The group of a man jewelry taken from his perished body has set up a GoFundMe to fund-raise for his memorial service.

Two young people discovered the cadaver in a seepage ditch in Texas and continued to take his chain and post the video to Snapchat.

The video then, at that point became famous online, driving 17-year-old Bethany Martin and her companion to be captured.

The Bexar County Sherriff’s Office revealed to PEOPLE that she was accused as a grown-up of lawful offense robbery from a human cadaver however has since been delivered on $2,000 bail.

Presently, fans are offering recognition Marcus Adams, whose demise has been managed as a self destruction, via online media.

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Who was Marcus Adams and what befallen his neckband?

Texas youngsters have been captured over viral Snapchat and TikToks highlighting the self destruction casualty.

The unfortunate misfortune for the young fellow’s friends and family was compounded by a video presented online which shows up on show his jewelry being taken get-togethers passed on.

Marcus Adam’s family have set up a GoFundMe to fund-raise for his memorial service.

“Today July 26, 2021, my family woke up to police analysts at their front way to tell the family that my nephew Marcus Adams, 25 years of age, is dead,” they composed.

Marcus Adams passed on by self destruction at some point between July 24 and July 26 and his family is presently raising assets for his memorial service by means of a GoFundMe. On August 4, two youngsters were captured remembering Bethany Martin and a female companion for connection to a Snapchat video purportedly showing the body.

Who was Marcus Adams?

He was a 25-year-old from Bexar County, San Antonio.

Relatives have said he was very much cherished and loved being outside and remaining lively.

Reviewing her child, who was the most seasoned of six, mother Aisha Adams expressed he had some good times disposition and how you’ll make fun,

She additionally recalled that him being “sympathetic”.

What befell Marcus Adams?

Marcus was hanged to death on July 26, 2021.

Authorities with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said he was found in a waste course in a far west San Antonio area, near his home.

Police recognized him through his driving permit.

Specialists have managed he ended his own life.

What befell his accessory?

Two young people have been captured after they supposedly presented a video on Snapchat of themselves taking a jewelry from Marcus in the wake of finding his dead body.

Bethany Martin, 17, and a 16-year-old female told cops they spotted “something off-kilter by the seepage ditch and went to investigate”.

At the point when they discovered the body, they called a male companion, who went along with them at the scene before they called the police.

Be that as it may, cops said the day after his body was discovered, the sheriff’s office was made mindful of a video circling internet appearing “a 17 year old female eliminating adornments from the decedent’s neck,” reports PEOPLE.

Sheriff Javier Salazar told KENS-5: “In case it weren’t on record? I wouldn’t really accept that that it occurred.”

Bethany Martin Snapchat Video: Marcus Adams Tiktok Drama Explained

Tiktok user bethany martin arrested for marcus adams necklace 2 gmspors
Tiktok User Bethany Martin arrested for MARCUS Adams necklace

Bethany Martin got captured for taking an accessory from Marcus Adam’s dead body.

She, alongside her companion, was essential for the heist, and later, they transfer the video of taking the jewelry on Snapchat. Around a similar time, numerous clients of Snapchat were griping the application wasn’t working.

The video coursed on the application, and they need to ensure it has been taken out before numerous clients see it. Individuals magazine said they were there on July 26, and a man was found in the channel.

Martin was secured on July 27 and forced as a grown-up with a heist of a corpse or human graves. As indicated by police, she was subsequently delivered on $ 2,000 bail.

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