TikTok superstar Dunkin Ducks makes $4,500 a month

The duck Munchkin, which draws all the attention with its monthly income, went viral. The world is talking about the ‘TikTok phenomenon’ duck.

It has become a situation we are used to, that multi-follower accounts on social media platforms turn this into financial gain through various methods. In fact, we are used to the phenomenon of cats and dogs, whose photos and videos are shared by their owners from time to time. However, the phenomenon duck ‘Munchkin’ managed to stun the world with his monthly income of $ 4,500…

TikTok superstar Dunkin Ducks makes 4500 a month 3 GMSPORS

The internet world has been filled with ‘quack quacks’ lately! The reason for this is the Phenomenal Duck ‘Munchkin’, which has exactly 2 million 700 thousand followers on the video sharing platform called TikTok.

The 20-year-old owner of Munchkin, Krissy Ellis, made a special statement to the New York Post when the situation came to the language of everyone. The issue is that Munchkin has become a phenomenon and his monthly income has reached a high amount of 4 thousand 500 dollars.

“Munchkin is so cute, but she’s also like a whimsical diva,” says Krissy Ellis, adding that this furry phenomenon starts posing as soon as she sees the camera and the camera.

TikTok superstar Dunkin Ducks makes 4500 a month 2 GMSPORS

Munchkin’s highly acclaimed videos on TikTok include a wide range of images from drinking ice water with a big appetite and smacking his mouth to posing with the products of chain donuts and coffee brands.

The phenomenon duck, who shares his travels with his purple collar and clothes in matching colors, even goes on trips with his owner and posts all his adventures on the internet.

Meet Munchkin, an influencer pet in Milford, Pennsylvania, with 2.7 million followers on TikTok. The Chinese social media app has launched the careers of Charli D’AmelioAddison Rae — and now one very lucky duck.

These videos, on the other hand, earn 4,500 monthly and 54 thousand dollars annually for their owner and of course, for himself. So the phenomenon duck Munchkin can be called a ‘golden egg-laying chicken’.

After Krissy Ellis started to share videos and the number of followers increased like an avalanche, many brands reached out to her and wanted to make advertising deals, and Ellis started to earn much more than the money she earned by working in a market 40 hours a week by shooting and editing videos for half an hour a day.

Munchkin earns money not only from tiktok, but also from sponsored content on his Instagram account, where he has 245 thousand followers. As if this weren’t enough, he sells his abstract paintings made by ducks to his fans on the online trading platform Etsy.

TikTok superstar Dunkin Ducks makes 4500 a month 1 GMSPORS

The internet phenomenon is talking about how Munchkin, the duck, may soon be rich even from the legendary Walt Disney character Uncle Varyemez (Scrooge McDuck).