TikTok Star Nathan Apodaca and Wife are expecting their first baby

TikTok Star Nathan Apodaca and His Wife Are Expecting Their First Baby Together, and this news made the followers very happy.

“An addition right now is something that will help bring our family together,” says the social media star.

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Nathan “Doggface” Apodaca — whose longboarding video of him drinking Ocean Spray to Fleetwood Mac’s “Fantasies” turned into a web sensation last year — and spouse Estela Chavez are expecting their first kid together, can solely uncover.

“It’s insane!” Apodaca tells of Chavez’s pregnancy. “It’s simply magnificent.”

Apodaca, 38, is now father to little girls Angelia, 16, and MaKyla, 13, from a past relationship, and Chavez, 40, is mother to child Andres, 16, from a past relationship. Growing their family is something Apodaca discloses to a few has been expecting.

“An expansion right currently is something that will assist with uniting our family and everything. It’s marvelous. I like it. I love it,” he says.

The child is expected in February, and the guardians are discovering their little one’s sex this end of the week.

“We’re going to have a sexual orientation uncover this Sunday, and I’m letting my girls and one of my nieces deal with that,” he says.

Apodaca and Chavez have effectively chosen a room in their new Idaho Falls, Idaho, house for the child’s nursery, however are standing by to conceptualize names until they know the sex — and the pair are at chances with what they’re expecting.

“I would cherish a kid. She needs a young lady,” he says. “So we’re 50-50 in it at this moment.”

While Apodaca was “stunned and shocked” when he originally discovered he would be a father once more, he reveals to that he’s anticipating family exercises with a little one close behind.

“[My daughters] longboard with me, they bicycle with me. We play sports together. It’s going to be something similar, you know what I mean, only a tad bit more energizing since it will be new … with the new expansion to our lives,” he says.

Apodaca recently revealed to that he and Chavez initially met in 2000 when the two of them began work at a similar potato distribution center. Right away, they experienced difficulty conveying in light of the fact that Apodaca didn’t communicate in Spanish and Chavez was still learning English.

They defeated the language boundary and “hit it off,” he revealed to last November, and Apodaca later proposed while the couple and their children were traveling in Las Vegas.

How old is TikTok star Nathan Apodaca aka “Dogg Face”?

Nathan Apodaca is 37 years of age.

He’s a father to two little girls, lives in Idaho, and works in a potato distribution center.

His legacy is comprised of his father’s Mexican drop while his mother is from the Northern Arapaho clan in Wyoming.

What’s his total assets?

Nathan Apodaca has just become online media popular as of late, so a dependable assessment of his total assets isn’t accessible.

In any case, the wedding band he used to propose with is apparently worth $22,000.

The video that gave him TikTok distinction has acquired more than $10,000 as per Tech Times.

Nathan Apodaca Instagram Address?

We know Nathan Apodaca as a very popular content creator on Instagram and Tiktok. He has a huge fan base on social media and is noted for his millions of fans on Instagram.

He is on Instagram with the username @doggface208 and has more than 3 million followers.

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