TikTok star Hannah Schlenker sparks “Aerie Leggings” buying frenzy

TikTok star Hannah Schlenker sparks an Aerie legging buying frenzy after appearing in a video wearing a couple. Tiktok celebrity Hannah managed to increase the demand of many people for this tights after she wore it during her dance in a video.

Schlenker, who has more than 670,000 followers on TikTok, recently uploaded a video of Justin Bieber dancing in his kitchen while wearing a pair of blue Aerie tights to Drummer Boy.

The video (see below) went viral on social media, with over 4 million views, more than 500k likes and nearly 6k comments.

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Fans noticed the tight tights she wore in the video. Many thought they proudly highlighted her figure and began to research about them. The tiktok celebrity, who caused the huge shopping spree, continues to gain followers now.

Responding to the flood of questions, Hannah Schlenker told fans that they were Aerie tights, and soon after, online demand for leggings skyrocketed and sold out very quickly. After this shopping spree, many young girls took action to wear these tights.


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♬ Drummer Boy – Justin Bieber

Videos showing TikTok users wearing Aerie tights are trending

After Hannah Schlenker’s video became famous online, numerous other TikTok clients started transferring recordings demonstrating them wearing Aerie stockings.

The attire thing took over TikTok and produced a great deal of energized gab on various online media stages, including Twitter.

Some TikTok clients posted recordings in which they offered sparkling surveys of the stockings.

TikTok client Hope Ann Williams transferred a video where she enthused over the stockings, saying that wearing them gave her certainty she’s never felt.

“Simply take a gander at this,” she stated, flaunting her figure in the tights. “Are we joking… I’m remaining here indicating you my body and I’ve never felt more positive about my life.”


Yes queen give us nothing (dc: @rianneneill )

♬ Drummer Boy – Justin Bieber

Aerie tights are accessible for buy here from American Eagle, an apparel and embellishments retailer.

The “disconnected high-waisted stockings” come in different tones and styles and the costs by and large reach from $20 to $35.

In her viral TikTok video, Schlenker wore the “Disconnected Real Me High Waisted Crossover” style that includes a V-formed belt.


The style sold out rapidly, and as of composing, the “Light Bark” snakeskin style produced using 88% Nylon and 12% Elastane was accessible for buy on the site.

This isn’t the first occasion when that interest for a dress thing flooded because of a TikToks star wearing the thing in a viral video.

A few other garments things, for example, tank tops and larger than usual sweatshirts, were promoted by TikTok stars.

The most recent news comes after Monsters and Critics detailed that the previous Vine star Tasia Alexis Hussey is presently on TikTok.

M&C additionally announced that Frankie Jonas, the most youthful and fourth of the Jonas Brothers (otherwise known as Bonus Jonas), as of late joined TikTok.

Hannah Schlenker to Reach Million Followers in Tiktok

Hannah Schlenker, one of the Tiktok girls, managed to attract the attention of many new users after quickly gaining followers. Young tiktok celebrity Hannah Schlenker is estimated to reach 1 million followers in 2021.

Hannah Schlenker is now gaining new followers on her Instagram account with her tiktok videos. Especially after these followers, she managed to increase her net worth. The young phenomenon is expected to sign advertising deals soon.


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