TikTok star accused of murder in death of Ophelia Nichols’ son

The 20-year-old man is accused of murder in the death of TikTok star Ophelia Nichols’ son.

He was charged with murder in the death of the child of a man and an Alabama Teak baby on Thursday.

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Man Arrested Who Killed TikTok Star Ophelia Nichols’ Son

A man was captured Thursday and accused of homicide in the demise of an Alabama TikTok powerhouse’s child.

Reuben Gulley, 20, was set up for the charge in Mobile County regarding the homicide of Randon Lee, who was gunned down at a Prichard, Ala. corner store in June daily short of his nineteenth birthday celebration, as per nearby reports and prison records.

The youngster had met Gulley and one more suspect at the corner store that day to sell them maryjane, as per police and the casualty’s mom, Ophelia Nichols.

Gulley had handed himself over to police after a capture warrant had been given, as per WALA-TV. The other suspect remaining parts overall.

Nichols, known as “Mom Tot” to her 8.7 million supporters, affirmed the capture in a Friday post in which she impugned other TikTokers for discussing the improvement before she did.

“My child kid’s life is actually a major buzz-kill some tattle story that occurred in an entertaining humble community that happened a month prior that we can giggle about it today or one of those meddling stories that I say,” said Nichols, who is known for administering folksy exhortation and positive messages on the stage.

“This is my kid’s life, and my youngster was killed,” she said.

A Saraland man was accused of homicide in the wake of transforming himself into Mobile Metro Jail Thursday, Aug. 18.

Reuben Gulley, 20 was accused of the homicide of Randon Lee, the child of Prichard TikTok star Ophelia Nichols, referred to on TikTok as Mama Tot. Gulley is blamed for killing the 18-year-old at a service station in Prichard on June 24, as per Prichard authorities.

What was the deal?

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During a public interview in June 2022, Prichard Detective Jason Hadaway definite how Lee was taken shots at a service station in the wake of moving toward the service stations simultaneously as the suspect.

Hadaway noticed that a suspect got within Lee’s vehicle and a single shot was discharged. The suspect then, at that point, left Lee’s vehicle and drove away from the service station. Lee, as far as it matters for him, likewise withdrew trying to “escape” the shooter. The casualty wound up going across the way to one more station where he was found by EMS. Endeavors to resuscitate Lee were fruitless and he passed on the scene.

Have There Been New Developments?

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While separating the occurrence that prompted Lee’s demise, Hadaway expressed that the casualty was “offering opiates” to two individuals in no time before the shooting. “There was opiates found in the vehicle when the crime location unit handled the scene,” the criminal investigator added, taking note of that there were “two or three suspects as a primary concern.”

At that point, Hadaway additionally explained that Lee was selling weed. “This crime isn’t a higher priority than any murder we’ve had in the city of Prichard or quite,” he closed. “I understand that Ms. Nichols has a TikTok following which is perfect, and that multitude of devotees could help by bringing in assuming they have any data.”

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