Tiktok Screaming User Zoenesquik Surprised What Came Out Of Her Feet

The video shared by Tiktok User Zoenesquik received more than 18 million views. What came out of Zoenesquik’s feet, who was screaming in the video, scared the audience.

A TikTok user shared her terrible moments with her followers. The TikTok user saw the terrifying sight when she looked under her socks after feeling a pain in her leg. The young woman who recorded these moments on video shows her fear by screaming.

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Leech came out of her sock, millions on TikTok were horrified

An Australian TikTok user shared a video of the moments when he was bitten by a leech. Those moments of the screaming young woman were watched more than 18 million times.

Feeling her foot being bitten, a woman was horrified to lift her jeans and see a leech sucking her blood.

Zoe, an Australian woman, pulls up her jeans, looks at her sock and shouts: Oh my God, there’s a big lump there I don’t want to look!

Then the woman who looked at her socks was even more frightened this time and got rid of the leech with the help of someone else. While the leech, which was taken on a napkin, was released into the nature, thousands of comments came to the video.

One TikTok user said, “I can scream more than you, I might even faint.” Another user said, “This is terrible, I’m really sorry you had to go through this. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to recover mentally.”

A TikTok user named Zoenesquik feels both itching and pain under her right leg. At that time, the TikTok user, who recorded these moments with the phone’s camera, sees that there is bleeding on her leg when she takes off her socks. Then she sees something moving under the sock.


Never going outside again… ##australia ##leech ##nature ##bush ##fuckoff

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Zoe, who lives in Australia, shares such videos

Zoe, who lives in Australia, is known for her videos like this. Because the country already has the most diverse species of insects in the world, and most of them are highly poisonous. The leech in the video will stay in the girl’s stocking for a long time, so it looks pretty swollen.

Those who see the video say that their phobia is triggered. In addition to those who are worried about Zoe, there are also those who say they will faint if something happens to them. “This is terrible, I’m really sorry you’re experiencing this,” said one user. says, and another says, “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to recover mentally.”

Tiktok screaming user zoenesquik surprised what came out of her feet 1 gmspors

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