TikTok phenomenon Isabel Sanchez announces her income is millions of dollars

TikTok phenomenon Isabel Sanchez announced that her income is in the millions of dollars and has reached the peak of her net worth.

25-year-old TikTok phenomenon Isabel Sanchez announced her earnings from her new career after quitting the nursing profession. Resigning from her nursing job to start her own business, Sanchez announced to her 40,000 followers on TikTok that her monthly earnings are millions of dollars.

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Isabel Sanchez started her own business by spending $200

Stating that she did not want to return to nursing to realize her dreams, Sanchez spent 200 dollars and founded a beauty brand. Expressing that he uses social media to market her own brand, Sanchez’s monthly income reaches millions of dollars.

At the age of 23, Sanchez stated that she worked as a waitress while she was studying at nursing school, and at that time she only earned enough to meet her daily needs. Moreover, she could not spend enough time with her son. she graduated at age 24 and started spending more time on TikTok. In this way, she formed the first ideas of her new job, where she could make her dreams come true.

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Sanchez explained that by starting her own business, her mother retired and she had enough income to cover all of her son’s college expenses. In addition to her own brand, Sanchez continues to participate in business life with new initiatives.

And yes I did retire from nursing as-well & im happier than ever. Its 2021 and I choose to travel the world while working from my 📱 When I started my business so many didn’t understand and criticized but I kept going, found the best people and have changed my entire life.

one piece of advice: dont listen to negativity. What you focus on expands. Follow motivational pages. Choose growth & work with a mentor that can help you achieve the same results.

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