Tiktok Phenomenon CHASE HUDSON Suicide Allegations

CHASE HUDSON Suicide TikTok Suicide Claim

TikTok star Chase Hudson and friend Avani Gregg are trapped during a circulated rumour concerning suicide. People took to Twitter on Suicide Prevention Day (September 10th) to warn the risks of lying about such serious matters.

Chase Hudson is an 18-year-old also referred to as Lil Huddy. he’s popular for his relationship with Charli D’Amelio and may be a co-founder of the TikTok group called the Hype House.

Chase has been the centre of tons of TikTok drama recently most notably the rumour that he cheated on Charli D’Amelio. However, during suicide prevention month Chase has been involved in another false rumour, this point involving a more serious issue. He has since made a TikTok video to deal with the rumour.


Chase has DISCUSSED his experiences with bullying as a child and has cried on TikTok live before when recounting the trauma. Chase has been continuously open with his fan-base and continues to spread awareness for suicide prevention.

Rumours circulated on TWITTER that Chase Hudson had attempted suicide which Avani Gregg had saved him by stopping him. Suicide Prevention Day was suffering from this rumour as fans took to Twitter to precise the harm caused by spreading the untrue statement.

Chase addressed the rumours on TikTok last night, September 10th while also denying the Avani rumour.

Chase delivered different content to his usual comedy TikTok’s by seriously speaking about the impact rumours wear a community.

Chase’s TikTok sound to the video has recently been made unavailable possibly because he’s talking about such a sensitive topic. However, there’s a TikTok hack and therefore the audio can suddenly be heard if you save the video to your camera roll and watch it on there.

Chase said within the TikTok: …”I just want to inform you guys that I didn’t attempt to kill myself, i do know they need me to kill myself but I’m not getting to . I haven’t been suicidal for quite long while now, I’m just a tragic person I’m not suicidal.”

He continued: ” i really like you guys, suicide isn’t the solution and if you think that it’s please call the hotline or ask someone about it because your life is valued and loved and needed on this earth – i really like you guys, take care.”

Chase Hudson addresses rumors he’s trying to take his own life

“I didn’t attempt to kill myself. i do know they need me to kill myself but I’m not getting to .”

Chase Hudson has addressed a rumour that he took his own life after TikTok users began speculating beneath his videos.

This week, the Hype House co-founder shared videos on his TikTok page as was common . However, the comment section was soon flooded with fans urging him to not take his own life. Many speculated that he had, while others stated that fellow Hype House member Avani Gregg saved his life. it isn’t known where this rumour came from and the way it even started, however, Avani’s comments echoed an equivalent messages.

“Thank you for saving Chase,” one user wrote beneath Avani’s video. Meanwhile, beneath Chase’s video, users wrote: “PLEASE DON’T roll in the hay AIGEN JUST KNOW UR LOVED,” and “Please remember that you’re worthwhile and other people need you in life!!”

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