Tiktok phenomenon called TheBlondeBunny1 gets pregnant while pregnant

The phenomenon, pregnant with twins, got pregnant again after 10 days! Now the triplet baby expecting tiktok phenomenon is having interesting times. The TikTok phenomenon American woman named TheBlondeBunny1 announced that she was pregnant with a third child 10 days later while she was pregnant with twins.

The video shared by the TikTok phenomenon, TheBlondeBunny1, which has more than 235,000 followers, was viral and was watched more than 5 million times.

Describing what she went through, the expectant mother said that doctors wanted to confirm that the condition was superfetation, not a case of disappearing twin syndrome or malnourished baby, and so she underwent an ultrasound every two weeks. She stated that the first two babies were 10 to 11 days older than the third.

The protagonist of this rare event explained that her hormones do not inhibit ovulation, the mucus plug has not yet formed in her body, and that is how the second pregnancy occurred.

Saying that all babies are healthy and currently 17 pregnant, the expectant mother plans to bring all three babies to the 28-week limit. But to be able to carry the final goals in the stomach for 32 weeks or more.

In some cases, superfetation occurs months after the first pregnancy. That’s why TheBlondeBunny1 stated that the babies were lucky that the time between them was so close and said: “Although there are two separate pregnancies, babies will be called triplets because they will all be born on the same day.”

the blondebaby1 rising on Tiktok

The woman who shared short entertaining videos on tiktok with the nickname theblondebunny1 continues to gain followers rapidly. The female phenomenon with the nickname theblondebunny1, which has 240 thousand followers and managed to get pregnant again while pregnant, is now one of the names that quickly gained followers in tiktok.

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