TikTok Phenomenon Ali Abulaban Killed His Wife Who Placed a Listening Device on His Daughter’s Tablet

Ali Abulaban, who became a phenomenon with the videos he published under the name JinnKid on TikTok, killed his wife, whom he was in the process of divorce, and a person next to him.

A virtual entertainment character blamed for lethally shooting his significant other and one more man at an East Village skyscraper high rise was requested Monday to stand preliminary on murder accusations.

Ali Nasser Abulaban, 29, is charged in the shooting passings of 28-year-old Ana Abulaban and 29-year-old Rayburn Cardenas Barron at the Spire San Diego extravagance apartment building.

Tiktok phenomenon ali abulaban killed his wife who placed a listening device on his daughters tablet 2 gmspors

The 29-year-old TikTok star living in the USA placed a listening device on her 5-year-old daughter’s tablet. Thus, he would listen to his wife, Ana Abulaban, with whom he was in the process of divorce. Ali Abulaban, who listened to the conversation of Ana Abulaban and a man through a listening device, raided the house where his wife lived and killed both Ana Abulaban and the person next to her.

The TikTok star picked up her daughter from school after the incident as if nothing had happened.

The lawyer of Ali Abulaban, known for his videos imitating the character of Tony Montana in the 1983 film Scarface, declined to comment on the charges. Police said the victims were Ana Abulaban, 28, and Rayburn Cadenas Barron, 29.

Relatives of the victims, who filled the courtroom, wept as details about the murders that occurred in San Diego’s East Village neighborhood last Thursday.

Tiktok phenomenon ali abulaban killed his wife who placed a listening device on his daughters tablet 1 gmspors

The prosecution told the court that Ali Abulaban confessed to the detectives and accused his wife of cheating on him. According to the prosecution, Ana Abulaban asked her husband to move out of the house on October 18, and Ali Abulaban also took a room in a hotel. However, he returned home three days later and smashed everything in the house while his wife was not at home. The TikTok star also installed a listening app on his daughter’s tablet.

Hours later, Ali Abulaban, who heard his wife and a man talking over the application, went home and committed murder. Ali Abulaban, who shot his wife in the head, also fired three shots at Rayburn Cadenas Barron. Ali Abulaban, who then called his mother, confessed to the murder.

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