Tiktok Nika Diwa Borrowmyblackbaby Support

Tiktoker Nika Diwa shared support for black babies. The video she shared on Tiktok was viewed millions of times in a short time.

The video she shared with her Nika Diwa black baby, who managed to reach thousands of followers in a short time with the videos she took on Tiktok, attracted a lot of attention.

Reply to @ataakdam Pls support my neighbors biz borrowmyblackbaby.com. Great 4 views ⭐️ #reply #mixedbaby #blackbaby #tiktokmom

Nika Diwa’s videos that she shared to help her black child drew reaction from some quarters.

Tiktok user Nika Diwa, who allegedly abuses emotions, does not listen to such criticisms.

🇳🇬👨🏿‍🦲👶🏽👩🏻🇵🇭 Zizi’s Mom 💖 Instagram @nika.diwa NikaDiwa@gmail.com

Tiktok nika diwa borrowmyblackbaby support gmspors

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