Tiktok girl Nnapples goes viral with over 2 million followers

Tiktok girl Nnapples has gone viral with over 2.3 million followers estimating her profession. A TikTok creator named ‘Nnapples’, also known as Natalie Rose, has been going viral on the platform for the past few weeks as her 2.3 million followers estimate her work.

Tiktok girl nnapples goes viral with over 2 million followers 2 gmspors

Natalie has turned into TikTok’s most recent sensation and it’s not a result of dance or lip-adjusting recordings.

The 25-year-old has everybody think about how she helps a task since the time her video exposing that she was certainly not an expert medical caretaker turned into a web sensation in July 2021.


Fireman? Team promoter? Style Designer? Beekeeper? Pilot? Starbucks barista? Natalie has had every last bit of her 2.2 million supporters speculating her occupation.

One of the TikToker’s recordings, where she’s seen wearing scours, became a web sensation recently. Many accepted she is a medical caretaker and one client even remarked: “Recollect when you are an attendant you should be dealing with individuals as opposed to making TikToks.”

Natalie applauded back in a fairly savage manner and made another TikTok clearing that she isn’t a medical attendant. The video, similar to every last bit of her resulting ones, saw the 25-year-old chiming in to the tune of My Humps by Black Eyed Peas. She then, at that point, included an expert attendant and the team moved together.

The viral clasp raked up more than 20 million perspectives. From that point forward, clients started speculating Natalie’s work. The web star adroitly started utilizing her adherents’ speculations as thoughts to base her future recordings.

Utilizing these ideas, Natalie picks another calling without fail and includes one more real expert moving close by her.

@nnapples Reply to @ufc ufc intimidated me with @Jairzinho BIGI BOY Rozenstruik. I still think I could take him. #fyp #❤️💜💚 #whatismyjob? #ufc #ufc266 ♬ Звук для твоих переходов – awlesia

All you need to know about Natalie Rose

As per KOIN, TikTok’s Nnapples is a Portland-region occupant.

She initially joined the stage in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the neighborhood local area theater creation in Utah. Natalie, who was initially projected in a play, ended up out of a task and secured at home like many. TikTok before long turned into an imaginative source for her.

Longer than a year after the fact, she has accumulated more than 2 million supporters and in excess of 65 million preferences on the video.

She as of late worked together with the minor ball club Hillsboro Hops for a video. That has timed more than 7.3 million perspectives now.

@nnapples Reply to @sailorspice They wouldn’t let me work here. I’d sleep the entire time #fypシ #❤️💜💚 #whatismyjob #casper #ChimeHasYourBack @Casper ♬ Звук для твоих переходов – awlesia

Natalie uncovered that the group connected with her and “I resembled this would be somewhat cool since I need to address neighborhood groups and organizations, things like that. Since I’m from Oregon, and what difference would it make? We should need to help one another.”

A portion of Natalie’s most seen recordings consider her to be as a Hooter’s worker. The video has more than 20 million perspectives.

In a September 1 video, she worked together with the Detroit Lions and acted like one of the NFL group’s players. The video has gathered more than 14 million likes up until this point.

In late August, Natalie advanced the school football crew Oregon Ducks by means of one of her TikToks. The video has 23 million perspectives now.

Tiktok girl nnapples goes viral with over 2 million followers 1 gmspors

Natalie Rose gains Instagram followers

Tiktok girl suddenly became the owner of viral videos and became more than 2.3 million fans. However, she managed to increase the number of followers of Natalie Rose on Instagram.

Natalie Rose reached 61 thousand followers after gaining more than 15 thousand followers in a short time on Instagram.

She is on Instagram with the username @nnapples_ and has a very active profile.

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