TikTok diversifies its monetization features

TikTok, one of the most popular social media networks, continues to appear in front of users with new features. As it has just emerged, TikTok has started testing new features to speed up its e-commerce activities.

Increasing the number of users rapidly among social media networks, TikTok is working on a long-awaited e-commerce store. It is stated that the e-commerce feature is fully integrated into the application and will provide users with a complete shopping experience within the platform.

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What will the feature be basically like? Above the description of the TikTok video, users will be given a link to access the product. With this feature, the platform will more easily convey how the product looks to users and push them to buy.

While TikTok is talking about offering its creators a way to generate revenue, according to Insider, it has developed a new way for its creators to earn: Tips. TikTok now allows people to ‘tip’ with a button that some creators add under their videos. The giveaway or tip button will allow viewers to tip the creator if they like the video.

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