TikTok couch guy goes viral on twitter

The sharing of tiktok user Lauren Zarras went viral while people were discussing it.

The ‘Couch GuyTikTok has assumed control over the web as novice criminal investigators have been attempting to analyze the connection among laurenzarras and her sweetheart. However, the TikToker has minimized some wild speculations.

Very much like each and every other online media stage, TikTok is brimming with novice analysts, bringing a video and separating the non-verbal communication, little developments, and generally energy of the scene.

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In case you’ve been looking across web-based media in the beyond couple of days, you’ve in all probability go over the ‘Love seat Guy’ video which shows TikToker laurenzarras astonishing her sweetheart Robbie at school by strolling into a party surprising and heading directly towards him to give him an embrace.

Normally, the web has begun a few reports about the post, recommending that the TikToker’s beau was being somewhat suspect as she strolled in, guaranteeing that there are warnings all around the scene given he’s sat with different young ladies. However, she’s not having it.

A TikTok shared by client Lauren Zarras has circulated around the web as individuals are bantering over her relationship with her beau. With many alluding to Lauren’s sweetheart as the “sofa fellow”, the video has collected over 22 million perspectives up until this point.


robbie had no idea

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With the progression of innovation and simple admittance to the web, as a rule, individuals are exposed to examination. Be that as it may, Lauren didn’t envision her exceptional second would transform into a subject of conversation for every one of some unacceptable reasons.

Along these lines, Lauren chose to astound her sweetheart, Robbie, at school and get everything on camera with the assistance of another companion, as she needed to catch his quick response to seeing her.

The video sees Lauren go into the room where Robbie is perched on the love seat with three different ladies.

When he sees Lauren, Robbie pauses for a little while prior to responding and he looks astounded. At the point when she strolls nearer, he gets up and the two are seen embracing one another.

While the video closes at that, Twitter and TikTok clients have been hauling Lauren and Robbie, saying their relationship has “warnings”.

Some case that they can see Robbie “slide” his telephone to the young lady sitting close to him, along these lines inferring that he’s “cheating” on Lauren. A couple have noticed that the young lady’s hand was purportedly contacting Robbie’s thigh.

This load of remarks and comments made against the couple depend on Robbie’s response to seeing his better half, which has left Twitter isolated.

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The viral video has assembled a ton of responses across online media, as clients have offered gone against viewpoints about Robbie, the love seat fellow.

While some vibe his postponed response to seeing his better half means a “warning” in their relationship, others have hammered the pundits saying they are in effect hard on Robbie as he didn’t do anything wrong.

One Twitter client said, “I could shock a canine I’ve never met and improve response than the lounge chair fellow from that TikTok.”

One more said, “Petitioning God for mental strength for the love seat folks sweetheart”

One Twitter client who feels they don’t saw anything wrong in the viral TikTok stated, “Definitely that is the thing that I’m saying. Now and then there’s something else entirely to it. Individuals read into stuff excessively! What’s more, regardless of whether there is something abnormal going on, no”

“I don’t see anything amiss with that video. I am so confounded am I just nd I don’t see anything odd. Lmao,” composed one more client under the TikTok.

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