Tiktok Celebrity Rebekka Blue earned millions of dollars in a short time

Rebekka Blue quickly became a million-dollar influencer. The Tiktok phenomenon has created the agenda with its millionaire statement! People sell such things that no one can understand.

A TikTok user managed to reach millions of dollars in a short time thanks to her interesting initiative. A former dancer named Rebekka Blue sells interesting products or body parts she finds in her videos on TikTok. The phenomenon admitted that she managed to become a millionaire by selling her real parts, such as toenails, dead skin on her feet, dandruff, and even a used intrauterine device.

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A 28-year-old woman named Rebekka Blue, who lives in North Carolina, USA, managed to go viral on social media with the interesting products she sold. Expressing that he usually finds used products in the garbage, Blue said that he earns between 5 thousand and 10 thousand dollars a month by selling many products from underwear lining to used ear sticks.

Blue, who has 1.1 million TikTok followers, sold one of the women’s clothes, who were dancers at that time, for $ 20. After seeing the increasing demand for used underwear and socks, it created its own second-hand market. On her second attempt, he burped it into a bag and sold it. Other products in her personal market include worn sportswear, used wipes, shoes that have been soiled by excessive walking and much more.

Expressing that especially the dead skin on her feet is sold for thousands of dollars, Blue said, “When I go to the beauty salon to have a pedicure, I want the flip-flops and braces to stay. I also collect dead skin and cuticles. “One person’s trash can be someone else’s treasure.”


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