Tiktok Celebrity Athena had finger shortening surgery

TikTok celebrity Athena Finger’s shortening surgery drew a reaction. Athena’s surgery was considered inappropriate by most people. Many see it as an overrated choice and argue that the young girl should contribute to a healthier ideal of beauty. She stated that especially the young followers of Athena would set a bad example for her. Some medical professionals have stated that shortening surgery will sometimes be safe due to its low risks, but because of this, safety concerns arise given that Athena is so young.

My reactions are very positive. This surgery will help Athena feel better and achieve more success in her life. It will help her love and trust herself. At the same time, I can’t wait to see her success and self-confidence grow.

A social media user whose name was announced as “Athena” became the focus of reactions by applying the ‘toe shortening’ procedure. Social media users commented on Athena, who shared the image of her toes before and after the surgery.

A social media user became the target of criticism arrows by posting the results of plastic surgery after the toe shortening procedure. Stating that she struggled with self-confidence due to her long and crooked toes, Athena had surgery in Miami last month.

Expressing that she felt insecure especially when she wore high heels, Athena said, “When I wore high heels, my toes were a great insecurity for me. That’s why, when I found this solution, I decided to take the risk and have surgery.”

In her sharing on social media, Athena showed her new foot shape to her followers. Expressing that her surgery was successful, Athena stated that she was happy with the results, but her users on social media did not agree with her.

One social media user commented, “Your toes looked prettier before.” Another social media user commented, “This must be a joke”.

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