Tiktok blackout challenge gmspors

What is TikTok Blackout Challenge? Oklahoma boy’s TikTok trend investigates suspicious death

The claim that a 12-year-old boy in the USA had brain death after participating in the Blackout Challenge on TikTok worried parents. We continue to read expert comments that TikTok trends are getting more dangerous with each passing day. Bethany Police is investigating the TikTok trend suspicious death of an Oklahoma boy ‘Blackout Challenge’ and has started collecting information on this subject.

Blackout Challenge has been among the TikTok application trends for a while.

In the USA, a 12-year-old boy named Joshua lost consciousness as a result of the ‘Blackout Challenge’, known as the endurance challenge on TikTok, as a result of being out of breath.

Joshua’s twin brother, who found him, is still in mind when he said that he found his brother ecstatic on the bathroom floor on March 22. This trend, which has been trending since the past months, is still quite dangerous for children.

Tiktok blackout challenge gmspors


Expressing its deep regrets to the family, TikTok said in a statement, “We have no higher priority than protecting the safety of our community on TikTok, and content that promotes or glorifies dangerous behavior is strictly prohibited. These posts will be removed immediately. To prevent dangerous behavior from becoming a trend on our platform. Additionally, “We encourage people to potentially encourage or glorify dangerous behavior. We also block relevant tags to prevent them from viewing or sharing dangerous content.” used expressions.

The Blackout Challenge, also known as the “Pass-out Challenge”, “Suffocation Game”, or “Fainting Game”, has been in circulation for years despite warnings. Medical experts, especially parents, warn that this tendency can lead to fainting, brain damage, seizures and even death.

Oklahoma boy Challenging Blackout TikTok trend suspicious death

Bethany Police authorities are researching a dubious passing of an Oklahoma adolescent they say might have happened on account of a hazardous TikTok challenge.

Not long before 12 PM on July 19, people on call were called toward the Western Oaks Apartments for an inert adolescent.

At the point when officials showed up, they discovered the kid with ligature marks around his neck.

The kid was quickly moved to OU Children’s Hospital where he passed on not long before 7 a.m. Tuesday.

“The starter examination persuades this occurrence was not a self destruction endeavor, but rather that of a TikTok Challenge or also called the ‘Dark Out’ Challenge, turned out badly,” said Bethany Police.

The examination is progressing, however Bethany Police need to caution Oklahoma guardians of web-based media patterns.

The loss of a loved one is very traumatic to all and our condolences go out to the family.  We would like to warn parents to stay involved with their children and take the time to look what they are doing on social media.  Now more than ever due to the lockdowns, kids are bored and looking to occupy their time.  Social media is a very influential part of a child’s life and should be heavily scrutinized by parents.