TikTok belongs to Bella Poarch, Most Watched Viral Video of 2020

We leave a year behind with its (usually) sweetness. As Bella Poarch 2020 comes to an end, statistics for the year emerge. One of these statistics is about TikTok’s videos. Here are the most watched videos on TikTok in 2020. We also became Molatik …

TikTok, the video sharing application owned by China-based ByteDance, announced the ‘best’ of the year we left behind in different categories. The video ‘M to the B’ shared by Bella Poarch in recent months was chosen as the viral video of the year with 530 million views.

TikTok, which has become one of the most popular video sharing applications of recent times, has a very high number of downloads worldwide, including our country. There are thousands of different types of content on the platform, which is based on the users sharing their short videos with their followers.

The application, which had a very active 2020 year and increased its popularity, announced the most popular videos in different categories of the year we left behind. ‘M to the B’, shared by Bella Poarch, one of the rising names of recent times, became the viral video of the year.

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Bella Poarch


Bella Poarch cute girl on top

Number 1 is Bella Poarch. It exploded with the video “M to the B” he shot. Poarch, who drew a cute image with his gestures, reached millions of followers. With his Tiktok video, Filipino-American, who quickly became a popular person, is shown as one of the sexiest girls of recent times. His short videos in Bella Tiktok continue to go viral.

A lot of videos were shared on TikTok last year, but some of them, unlike others, spread all over the world and went viral. Among these, ‘M to the B’ video shared by Bella Poarch reached millions of people in 2020 and became the viral video of the year. The video, released in August, has more than 530 million views so far.

Other videos on TikTok’s most popular viral list include Will Smith’s Wipe It Down video and Julian Bass’s “Who is your favorite superhero?” There is a special effects video named.

Charli D’Amelio leads the list of the company’s top creators, while Addison Rae and Noah Beck are on the list. Among the famous names on the platform, Jason Derulo sits at the top, while Kylie Jenner and Lizzo follow the famous rapper.

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Tiktok star allegations about Bella Poarch

There are many claims about Bella Poarch, who managed to become one of the celebrities of social media. Especially in recent months, Bella has been claimed to be a Tiktok star. However, there is no clear information on this subject. Bella Poarch certainly doesn’t star in adult movies and doesn’t sell her own photos on many different sites. We know that the money she earns after Bella Poarch became popular comes only from social media and advertising deals. Bella Poarch, who did not respond to the allegations made about him, stated that he would not deal with such works.

While Bella Poarch is as yet a star on the ascent, and likely has a splendid future in diversion in front of her, the youthful performer has just settled herself as a top worker on TikTok. Her careful total assets isn’t known, yet thinking about that Poarch is a TikTok accomplice, and she gets paid for snaps and perspectives, it appears to be likely that she is racking in boatloads of money.

Besides, considering TikTok’s dispatch of a $200 million asset to pay makers, it is truly conceivable that Poarch could get one of the most well off young ladies in online media throughout the following not many years. The rest of the year will probably be significant for Poarch, as she grows her crowd base and keeps on putting out substance that her fan base will appreciate and share. 

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