Tiktok Bans “Milk Crate Challenge” Trend

Videos related to the challenge called “Milk Crate Challenge“, which has recently become a trend in TikTok, were banned after the reactions. The current that people try to pass over the milk transport crates no longer produces any results on the platform.

TikTok Banned Another Stream Ending in the Hospital: All Videos were Removed and a statement was made on the subject.

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TikTok, which has become the most popular social media platform in recent years, can even cause people to lose their lives from time to time. The main reason for this is; Challenges on the platform with the name challenge or Turkish. Recently, a challenge has erupted that has put many people’s lives at risk. The “Milk Crate Challenge” videos, where people try to go over them by placing milk transport crates in improbable places, were banned on TikTok after the reactions.

Users shared numerous posts, tagging the recently popular challenge. However, there were some very dangerous ones among these shares. A group of users even reacted to this challenge. TikTok management, which does not want people to harm themselves more, deleted all the posts on the subject in one pen with a decision it took.

TikTok has banned a stream: Videos have been deleted!

A few videos recently shared due to this trend reveal that people have been seriously injured. As with such virals that have appeared before, the target continues to increase day by day. This brings with it more serious accidents. TikTok also deleted the trending hashtag to take a hand in this situation. Currently, users cannot access these videos.

Upon the deletion of TikTok dangerous challenge videos, he made the following statements to TechCrunch:

Tiktok prohibits content that promotes or glorifies dangerous actions. It also removes videos to discourage such content. It is not limited to, it redirects the search results to the Community Guidelines page. We encourage everyone to be mindful of their online or offline actions.

Although all these challenge videos have been deleted from TikTok, there are also people who have recorded their videos before. One of them shared the related image on his Twitter account.

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