TikTok and Instagram, networks that ‘petan’

With common elements, but with notable differences, they are two of the most favored social networks, especially by the youngest.

Posing or fun, the most elegant, daring or thought-provoking photos and the funniest and most unexpected videos are the protagonists of these two social networks where influencers act like fish in water. They are among those with the highest number of users and relevance in the media, and are increasingly cited for their content.

Tiktok and instagram networks that petan gmspors

One of them, Instagram, has become a phenomenon that has become a “great social network created to share life moments and photos,” and there’s room for chats too, because “in addition to uploading photos, users use it to communicate”, according to making groups. , “etc. Juan José Pacomio, Officer of the Getafe Local Police Guardian Agent Unit and Management Technician of Social Networks and Police Communication Lockers.

The main function of Instagram, which has more than 1 billion users, is to be able to share photos and videos with a simple procedure. With the mobile phone, a photo is taken or a video is recorded, a filter is applied to it, or the light, saturation … wall profile is applied to the photo. Additionally, ‘Instagram Stories’ is one of its distinctive features.

According to Pacomio, the social network “democratized the use of photos” and allowed many of his fans to have the ideal space to show them to others. But this expert warns of the danger of “hooks” so as not to create a slavery that will waste you more time than necessary. It also draws attention to the type of photos we upload. “There are situations in which photos begin to be uploaded, get increasingly dangerous and like everyone else with a certain erotic look.”

The case of TikTok is particularly important because its popular and even got media attention by collecting most of the uploaded videos, reaching this App more than Facebook, YouTube or Instagram itself, everything exceeded what was expected.

How easy and agile content uploading is contributes to this. Vertically, about fifteen second to one minute videos to which you can add everything from filters to popular songs. “TikTok is new and impressive, it’s so easy to upload and create videos, the fact that you can duo with someone else gives it a huge appeal, especially for the little ones.”

It is a fun medium, it can allow diffusion, but also given great acceptance in solidarity or awareness campaigns, as demonstrated on a large scale. TikTok also has hashtags like Twitter, and you can mention it to other users, reply with a video, or add these videos to your own listing. A world of possibilities that conquers not only young people, but also the companies and media found in this social network.

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